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The Book of the Seal Theta of Primordial Mathematics By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $135.91
The researcher will generate geometric structures by utilizing the 9-Gon Theta Seal, The 36-Gon and the PT Theta Primordial Sequence, and guidelines for the design of PT-Theta Algorithms (time... More > reversible and non time reversible) A descriptive assessment and respective conclusions will follow. A brief introduction to immediate applications, with references to previous publications and research study by the researcher. In particular for fields : emotional intelligence, assessment, education, strategic management, and PT-Theta Algorithms. Following research study and applications development possibilities will be as well suggested. In particular: The PTT 9 Primordial Arts including PTT Primordial Navigation Finally a correlation between the Roman-Watch-Cyphers and the 9-Gon Theta Seal Watch will be suggested.< Less
The Primordial Sequence the 9 Gon Theta By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $135.89
Review of the study of the geometric structure 9-Gon, developed since 1997, in relation to the system it provides as for the perception, organization and management of human, natural and artificial... More > phenomena, and all related applications. References to recent publications 2016, 2017 and 2018, and research results. As well references to applications and additional publications by the researcher. The perception of the 9-Gon Theta, in its holographic, fractal and quantum nature, enhances user ability to operate with the 9 cyphers, for any wished application or PTT Method that may utilize them. In particular, this perception is essential for the understanding of the cypher 1 and cypher 9< Less
The Primordial Sequence a Primordial Technology Theta Algorithm By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $135.87
The Primordial Sequence : a PTT Algorithm discovered within the Fibonacci Sequence. “The Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers, Translated by utilizing PSL shows the pattern of a a PTT Algorithm,... More > which holds the secrets of human (life) potential stages of development.” LDMF “Is the Primordial Sequence the Algorithm of Life/Human stages of development that built the patterns that the Fibonacci Sequence describes ?”. LDMF The Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers, translated by utilizing PSL.2018 generates a PTT Algorithm.< Less
Primordial Microchip Theta and Primordial Mean Theta By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $1,071.11
The Nordic Star Theta Nonary Mathematics System & Geometric Structure Geometric structures are found and utilized for several purposes, from microchips, to architecture and engineering, music,... More > arts, social management, big data analysis, molecular studies, new materials, new elements (Chemical chart of the Elements), DNA studies, immunology (Virus geometric structures). The PTT Primordial Molecule, The PTT Primordial Microchip & The PTT Primordial Virus is being studied by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, as for purpose of A.I. Technology Development, DNA and Immunology Studies.< Less
The 9 Primordial Suns By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $118.30
The 9 Primordial Suns is a complementary publication of ”The Sun, the Moon and the Heart, The Primordial Art of Cocreation”, which focus on the phases of cocreation and the 3 spirals of... More > cocreation, and their balancing, stability enhancement function. Through this correlation with the seasons of the year, and the watch calendar of 27 hours per day (of 53,333 min each hour), the author gives new insight on how the PTT Know How needs to be synch with natural cocreation cycles. In principle with the cycle of hormonal shifts experienced by the women, which has been described in detail in the book: "The Sun, the Moon and the Heart, The Primordial Art of Cocreation”.< Less
Primordial Mathematics Book 05 By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $340.50
Primordial Mathematics Book 05 The book 01 and 02 introduced use to the cyphers, the elements, the 9 classes of artificial, natural and human phenomena. In following publications: "The 09... More > Primordial Keys & the Sleipnir Theta", ”The Primordial Hands Theta”, “The Primordial Economy” and “The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture” the author will focus on the Seals and the CGE (A.I.) of the Primordial Culture; publications which belongs to the Books 03 & 04 of Primordial Mathematics. And “The 9 Elements & The Heart”, “Epistemology, Matrix Perception & Matrix thinking” which belongs to the Book 00 of Primordial Mathematics. In the Primordial Mathematics Book 05 the author will demonstrate the 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture that belongs to the complex realm 1018. The function of the 1018 Seals of the Primordial Culture will lead us to a better understanding and perception of the 72927 Regions of Time (Watch calendar) of the Primordial Culture (REF: ""The 9 Primordial Keys”).< Less
The Primordial Seals Booklet 012 Final Composition 1890 By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $350.79
the 9+ seals of the primordial culture what are they? primordial algorithms? culture generation engines CGE capable to induce a particular kind of intelligence in the human collective ? cyphers... More > that hold the knowledge of life generation and life sustainability? the keys for human potential and human stages of development ? keys to enter of the primordial culture cities ? the DNA code of the gods ? archives of the primordial culture family linages ? the culture of the primes ?< Less
The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $116.08
The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture Through the study of the 9 Primordial Keys, the Seals of the Primordial Culture became evident. "The Primordial Seals are the seals of life, according to... More > the knowledge of the Primordial Culture". This first publication has only the purpose of presenting the first set of seals, and suggesting questions that are now being answered through a continues research study on the Primordial Culture developed by the LDMF Foundation (1993). The Seals of Ancient Cultures have brought essential information on the history, events, knowledge, technology, families, lineages and principles, values, the members of those cultures have lived with, and developed, expressed in their daily life. Some seals, are property of clans, or royal families only, and their use, knowledge, function, language, purpose of them has been restricted to members of those family trees that have become eligible as holders of that knowledge.< Less
The First Assessment Method Exercise Democracy Upgrade By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $220.64
The document suggest guidelines for the praxis of the "PTT First Assessment", within the context of a PRIMORDIAL ALGORITHM DESIGN PROJECT: "The Upgrade of Democracy" An example of... More > a PTT first assessment is given, through text analysis, taking for this demonstrative case as learn material an article by José Eduardo Jorge on: "Estado de Derecho y Valores Democráticos: las Direcciones del Cambio Cultural (Rule of Law and Democratic Values: Directions of Cultural Change)" from the Joint Research Project @ Research Gate on: "Latin American Development, Democracy, and Social Issues”. Along the First Assessment, paragraphs of the article will be quoted, and review of the Democracy algorithm, within the context of the article will be given, from the perspective of the 09 elements and their interdependency, capacity to generate together an algorithm.< Less
The Primordial Strategic Social Management By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $116.81
A primordial algorithm presented and implemented through story telling. this algorithm is dedicated to solve several issues, challenges of the practice of strategic social management and... More > governance. The pssm suggests to give a rank (points and score card results) to each citizen of the whole planet, to all members of mankind, every human on earth, that will serve as a reference for the value of the individual vote in a local, regional, national, continental, global or family house referendum. By considering the family house as fundamental structure of the emerging global culture and civilizations and pillar of the process of assessment, referendum and decision making. participation in global self-determination, governance practices. Definition of family house, from a local traditional cluster, to more complex modern conceptual adjustments of the organic bloodline based family, to extended family, collective marriages, corporations, community/associations or self-sustained networks.< Less