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methodist lyrics book 1 By Tahir Iqbal
Paperback: $6.43
Prints in 3-5 business days
now available a new lyrics book of some of the methodist's songs. the work is inspirational love poetry.
A study of culture, belief and social structure By Tahir Iqbal
Paperback: $15.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
A great book with new social theories applicable to marketing, business, economic policy and also islamic jurisprudence
The structure of mathematics By Tahir Iqbal
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A short paper on the fundamental structure of mathematics, that division does not exist, all current mathematics and logic is circular logic and also how we see the real answer is to the question of... More > the structure of mathematics.< Less
A paradigm shift in the paradigm shift By Tahir Iqbal
eBook (PDF): $0.00
How do you create a revolutionary product? How do you make a million from it? This book takes historically generated idea of the techno-economic paradigm and develops it into a working business... More > model using a technology algorithm to advance your research and development effort in the context of an ever changing marketplace. No business that innovates can afford to be without this fantastic book.< Less
Revolutionary feminism, the female gender By Tia Iqbal
eBook (PDF): $1.54
Revolutionary feminism is a new kind of feminist thought that analytically deduces what the female gender is and how to overcome patriarchy (male domination) rather than analyse what women are. See... More > this intellectual answer to sexual politics using the female gender dialectic. A novel solution to female freedom and male oppression.< Less
Life - a romance novel By Marie Tia
eBook (PDF): $1.54
Tanya is a hard working secretary working for the irresistable Kile. Join her in a thrilling adventure that gives an intellectual edge to romantic novels.
What is the sound of an invisible hand clapping? By Iqbal Tahir
eBook (PDF): $4.65
"an excellent resume of Islamic economic panacea, invaluable to be examined by governments Islamic and Non-Islamic as a possible solution to the financial problems of today." Comment on the... More > book by Prince Sayyid Mahmood Msc DIC AIB. A revolution in Islamic economics that essentially shows how one can structure an economy such that unlimited amounts of wealth can be created, poverty eliminated and house prices kept from a constant boom and bust cycle. Also includes a new simulative money flow model that gives a paradoxical mystery concerning the economy. Useful for the student, policy maker, interested person and more. The book defines the concept of the process and accumulation structure and outlines how these occur continually in any economy. Then it analyses and solves certain problems in Islamic economics.< Less
The mathematics of irony By Weurther Heckslin-Smyth
eBook (PDF): $1.54
Ever wanted to write a play like Hamlet or Othello? This book explains how to do it by analysing Shakespeare's plays to find a deep structure that is extremely simple that is repeated within his... More > works. This book shows you the key to writing works like the bard which when understood gives an understanding why irony exists in the world using an analytical approach. There is a mathematical explanation of how to build a narrative of this quality that any reader with basic mathematical education can interpret and work from.< Less
Malice in Wonderland part one: Jp and the Philosopher's Pearl By Tahir Iqbal
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Think of harry potter meets boyz in da hood. This engaging and intellectually stimulating story brings together postmodernist ideas with the genre of the children's novel somewhat akin to alice in... More > wonderland in depth with simplicity. A story of two black kids in harlem finding their way out of the ghetto. Inspiring and heart warming this series of books aimed at children young and old can be picked up by anyone and give deep insight into what it means to be human. An answer to getting out of the ghetto, poverty, discrimination or drugs and violence.< Less
Kitab al-Ulema By Tahir Iqbal
eBook (PDF): $4.65
Muslims have always been great thinkers yet many of their ideas have been lost in history. This book revives earlier muslim thinkers ideas and takes them further. From Imam Shafi'i to Sayyid Qutb... More > this is a groundbreaking advance in Islamic thought covering economics, sociology, politics and philosophy. Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.< Less