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Antidote for Anxiety By Mary T. Wilkinson
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Millions of Americans suffer from an intense form of anxiety that keeps them from enjoying the normal and fulfilling life they desire. Antidote for Anxiety is written by someone who has been there... More > and suffered the same mental anguish. Mary Wilkinson had some anxiety and worry for most of her life, but when she started having panic attacks, she didn't know where to turn except to her best friend and Savior, Jesus Christ. His word showed her a way to have victory over her panic attacks and every day anxiety. She calls this plan "STOP" with each letter standing for a part of the plan. If you want peace from panic or anxiety, Mary's plan might be the very help you need.< Less
ROOM 101 By Mary T. Wilkinson
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David Anderson has led a perfect life until his 6th grade year. With his dad out of work, David will have to leave Good Shepherd Elementary and go to Milltown public school. He is terrified to go to... More > Milltown because he fears he will be bullied. David looks and acts differently from everyone else in his new school. So do the kids in Room 101. When David is asked to help Keven Meyers, a boy with disabilities, participate in the school Spelling Bee, he has to look beyond his own desire to win and trust that God will help him make a difference in the lives of the kids in Room 101. With encouragement from his parents, David tackles an even harder challenge; to change the heart of a bully.< Less
Henry Listens Harder By Mary T. Wilkinson
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The story, Henry Listens Harder, is in the form of a lyric poem, complete with color photography. It is designed to help children overcome their fear of noises in the nighttime. When Henry complains... More > to his mother of noises in the house at night, she tells him to "listen harder." Then he will realize that the noises he hears at night are the same noises he hears in the daylight. Henry also uses his simple faith in a Heavenly Father to trust that he will be safe through the night under God's care.< Less
Sober by the Grace of God - One Alcoholic's Story By Mary T. Wilkinson
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Don Wenning's first drink of whisky turned into his first drunk. He liked how he felt when he was drunk and he spent the next twenty years of his life as an active alcoholic much to the dismay of his... More > parents, siblings, wife, and children. His wife, Theresa, didn't want to divorce him. She just wanted him to love her and their 13 children more than he loved the bottle. When Don "hit the bottom" he finally saw himself for who he was; a sinner with no hope without God's intervention and forgiveness. With the help of a twelve-step program, and a new found faith in their Heavenly Father, Don and Theresa stayed married, stayed sober, and helped countless alcoholics do the same. This is their "story" as told to the author and to hundreds of AA and Al-Anon members across this nation.< Less
The Life Story Kit By Mary T. Wilkinson
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The Life Story Kit by Mary T. Wilkinson is a tool for you to write your own life story or the life story of a loved one. Filled with questions in chronological order, you can write an autobiography... More > or biography just from answering the questions. Mary gives you tips and advice as you go. She also includes sheets on which to write genealogical information of the ancestors and decedents of the person being written about. Don't let your family lose all of the stories and information that is stored in your head or the head and heart of a loved one. Write it down to be passed on forever. Your family will thank you.< Less
A Very Good Life - The Life Story of Anna Montez Jinks Wilkinson By Mary T. Wilkinson
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When asked how her 95 years have treated her, Anna Wilkinson said, "I've had a very good life." Born in 1920 Anna grew up in a period of time when life was simple, before WWII, and America... More > was a Christian nation. Anna faced many challenges in her life and witnessed many changes in our country. This extraordinary woman put God first and kept a positive attitude to have a long and rewarding life.< Less
As Easy As Pie - Teaching Figurative Language Through Poetry and Prose By Mary T. Wilkinson
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As Easy As Pie can be used by teachers or home-schooling mothers. It is a Middle Grade Resource Workbook on Teaching Figurative Language with Poetry and Prose. It includes lessons on Simile,... More > Metaphor, Alliteration, Irony, Hyperbole, Personification, Onomatopoeia, Idiom, and Adages. Each lesson has activity pages and a leveled test for approaching, on level, and above level students. After students have mastered the forms of figurative language, the teacher can instruct them in using that knowledge in creating different kinds of poetry and prose. Students can construct a "3 Color Poem" with their new knowledge. As Easy As Pie is fun and interactive. Common Core Standards are listed on the lesson plans.< Less