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The Bottle Hymn of the Republic By Drew Dale Daniel Bryenton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This is a draft of the forthcoming twisted tale 'The Bottle Hymn of the Republic', a tale of sleepy little Whatamawhaka and its quest for freedom, justice, and a pint. Only a few pages, but take a... More > look and tell us what you think...< Less
The Mekanikal Turk - A Teknomantical Curiosity By Drew Dale Daniel Bryenton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Diabolus In Musica tells the story of the ill-fated Price family, and their pursuit across space and time by Ignatious Hound, procurer of musicians to the Throne. This is chapter two, in which savant... More > and polymath Nathaniel Price meets a sinister associate of his dead father... and a machine which does more than challenge his abilities at the noble game of chess.< Less
The Undeath of the Cool By Drew Dale Daniel Bryenton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
When all the music in the world is cranked out by machines, programmed for maximum pop airplay, where does that leave the last real musician? Alone in the gutter blind drunk is where - but even down... More > there he's got a very singular fan after him. Unfortunately it's not an amorous groupie or a rich studio exec... this guy wants far more than MacArthur Price's autograph. And Mac's not sure that he's one hundred percent human, either...< Less
Frankie From the Firm By Drew Dale Daniel Bryenton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Frankie Price is an Operative for the Firm, driving the back-roads in the employ of the mysterious and powerful Mister Lincoln. His big black Dodge has a bobblehead of Jesus on the dash, a big-block... More > hemi under the hood, and a spare passenger seat for hitch-hikers. That's the nature of his business, and the Firm's... a business that requires him to keep a roll of very sharp knives close at hand. Also included is the epilog of Diabolus In Musica - Supernatural Roadhouse Blues< Less