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Jason Long
The Dark Shines By Jason G. Long
eBook (ePub): $3.85
The Dark Shines is a collection of four independent but interwoven stories following seven characters in the year after the suicide of their mutual acquaintance. Set in and around London, the story... More > offers glimpses into the lives of three couples, each at different stages in their relationships, and the story's narrator Jacob, who is the most profoundly affected by his friend's premature death. The book explores the importance of living life with a purpose and how the meaning of fulfilment varies from person to person. No matter how close we are to death, nor how we try to rationalise our lives, there is no way to comprehend that which follows. The Dark Shines is a collection of connected stories exploring the light and dark that resides within us all.< Less
Conflicted Men By Jason G. Long
eBook (ePub): $3.85
A gritty and dramatic short story of stumbling upon an unlikely love in an unforgiving city. Mark is a troubled drug user and an alcoholic. He refuses to trust anyone until he meets Jake, a seventeen... More > year old uncomfortable in his own skin. Mark feels an obligation to look outside of his own sordid and hedonistic life and begins to win over the boy to whom he owes everything and nothing. Addiction and obsession bring two men of two generations and opposing backgrounds together, in a journey which will bind them together and tear them apart respectively. A novel about a different side of relationships.< Less