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Michael Barnes Selvin
All the Clouds By Michael Barnes Selvin
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This novel is based on first-hand accounts of life during WW2 in southern France. The genesis and principal events of the novel were recounted some seventy years after the fact by a close friend:... More > architect, scholar, father, government official, musician. When the occupation began, he joined the Résistance, helping people escape France. As the war continued, he became dangerously caught up in resistance, transporting charcoal from Spain. In March 1943, the Gestapo arrested him following an all-night jam session with Django Reinhardt and Georges Ulmer (neither arrested). The Americans liberated him from Buchenwald in April 1945. As a recipient of the Légion d’Honneur, among numerous other decorations, his story lies at the heart of this novel. He spent hours recounting his life during the war, literally with great pain. Although making this exception, his war-time experience never left his mind a single day of his long life.< Less
Margaret and Jack By Michael Barnes Selvin
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Two mannequins occupied the windows of a store in Berkeley, California. For over a year, my granddaughter and I passed once a week on our way to the library. We imagined their lives and came to... More > appreciate and love them. When they suddenly disappeared, we felt a great loss, but came to understand they had moved on for the better.< Less
Heaven Walker: The Story of the Master of Cabestany By Michael Barnes Selvin
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The artwork of the Master of Cabestany served as the inspiration and skeleton of this novel. As one of the great sculptors during the twelfth century in Catalonia (southern France and northeastern... More > Spain), the Master of Cabestany is well known today, but nothing is known of his life. Heaven Walker is the fictional account of his life and times. The location of the novel on the Costa Brava (Spain) and in Roussillon (France) is exciting and real. The sites and cities exist today. The time, the twelfth century, was an essential period in the modernization of Europe. Twelfth century sculpture ranks with the greatest sculpture of all time. It was a time of conflict between the nobility, church, and growing bourgeoisie. Most importantly, the story is exciting, rapidly paced adventure, filled with intrigue and romance, and addictive from page one to the denouement. The novel will open your eyes to the high middle ages and the men and women who lived during that remarkably important and turbulent time.< Less
The Telemachia: A History by Antimenes of Argos By Michael Barnes Selvin
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Winner of a 2008 Independent Publishers award in Military/Historical Fiction. To return to his hereditary throne on Ithaca, Telemachus, son of Odysseus and Penelope, musters the cleverness of his... More > father and the wisdom of his mother as he navigates the treacherous waters of the War of the Families. More devastating than the Trojan War, this conflict pits the two greatest clans in ancient Greece: the Pelopides and Heraclides. It is the last gasp of a failing civilization. With remarkable parallels to today, Telemachus fights to maintain his beliefs and preserve his family. "This is a startlingly epic tale, ripe with originality and rendered with a highly adept ear for language. Beautifully written and exhaustively researched, the narrative builds on the history and age from which the material was born."< Less