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eBook (PDF): $3.52
This book is an examination of the Fields Of Energy that gives all of the Universe Life......Understanding these fields, and knowing how they are affected by everyday existence will allow the reader... More > to create extraordinary results in all areas of Life. . . . . (Book No. 4 in a series titled,'Zer0 to Mastery in 7 Volumes')< Less
YIN & YANG: A study Of Universal Energy when applied to the Law of Gender By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $3.53
This book examines all of the stereotypes that are holding us back from realizing our true selves.....This is attained by understanding the evolutionary constant that is at work within our lower... More > nature. A must read for the spiritual applicant on the path to Enlightenment! . . . . (Book No. 5 in a series titled 'Zer0 to Mastery in 7 Volumes')< Less
The Gnostic Books of Formation By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $7.18
The Truth behind the legends and the mythology of the Judeo-Christian beliefs. As told by the Gnostic Seerers before Emperor (Pope) Constantine decimated these traditions in 325 CE. A must read for... More > any Spiritual Evangelist.< Less
TIME, SPACE & NOW By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $6.09
A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole. Since the beginning of the Universe, Time and Space have been critical concepts that have occupied the minds of the worlds greatest thinkers. From Da Vinci to... More > Einstein, Galileo to Hawking, the great minds of our time have struggled with these concepts and still found that there was something lacking.......The NOW! Time, Space and Now brings all of these concepts together in a deep treatment that will open up possibilities for every meditator to realize the supreme . . . . Cosmic Consciousness! . . . . . (Book No. 6 in a series titled 'Zer0 to Mastery in 7 Volumes')< Less
How To Sit, Daily Meditation Journal By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $0.00
It may take 90 days to develop a habit, but it takes 365 days to create an addiction. This journal will allow you to chart your progress in creating an addiction that will support you in overcoming... More > the original addiction you developed in your childhood. The addiction to your EGO!< Less
Zer0 To Mastery in 7 Volumes By tenzin gyurme
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For the dedicated student of Mastery, I have compiled all of the books of the Mastery Series together in this Hard Bound volume. This will allow this book to be read over and over, as the true... More > seeker endeavors to consume it on a cellular level. For it is said that in order to really digest something, it is to be read a minimum of three (3) times.< Less
The Hermetic Wisdom of the Kybalion By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Down through the Ages, Hermes has been considered the Ancient Master of all Meta-Physical Principles. This book is the re-introduction of these principles into the gnosis, or knowing, of the Western... More > Mind. The daily application of these Principles could lead the practitioner to a place of personal mastery.< Less
The Sacred Numerology of ThoTh By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $6.16
Where is it written that this Universe operates on a base 10 number system? So what number system best categorizes a Universal View? Base 10 or base 12? It is pretty obvious that it is base 12, at... More > least for those non-linear thinkers who can get their heads out of their Ass-ets, that is. This book is an tool for those Be-ings who are ready to awaken to their multi-dimensional selves and release the strangle hold that the 3 dimensional illusion has on their lives.< Less
The Golden Rosary By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A devotional lineage supplication to the practice tradition of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism known as the Karma Kagyu. This brief historical publication will acquaint the reader with the gurus behind... More > one of the most profound lineages in all of the worlds spiritual traditions, and possibly awaken a connection to this lineage that has been dormant for generations.< Less
S-Alchemy By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $6.21
S-Alchemy is about the Alchemy of the Soul. Since the beginnings of time man has been fascinated with the concepts of Alchemy. This book is a historical analysis of ancient Alchemy and the spiritual... More > aspects of it in a modern context. Powerful work for a purpose-filled time!< Less