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F*cking Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester
Fucking Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More By Nick Armbrister
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Fucking Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More by Nick Armbrister is his new alternative poetry book. It is a huge 57k words and is his largest stand... More > alone collection. The work is on several topics ranging from varied poems, strange poems, war poems, erotic poems and also a section on essays. Avro's trouble Manchester bomber aeroplane influenced the cover art, title and some poems. The work is of an adult nature and for over 18s only. Nick spent several months researching and writing this volume. Other similar but different volumes will follow in future.< Less
Dream Mind By Nick Armbrister
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A book about the dreams of a man called Veno. Venture through his dreams, enter his mind and see dozens of different worlds, situations and images. From forbidden sex, to the supernatural, to... More > fantastic flying experiences and much more. This a free download for all you dreamers. Read on for more...< Less
Gatoros and Crocos: Lower Case Murky Poems and Ditties Book 2 By Nick Armbrister
eBook (ePub): $1.92
This is the new follow up alternative poetry book 2 by Nick Armbrister. His poems cover many topics like Headstrong Tornado in which Nick describes how he should have joined the Royal Air Force.... More > Blunderful is about a man an addicted to sex. God's Gift is about a man doing God's work in America. Two Die is about a loving couple spending time together as the bomb falls. Corrupt is about corruption in the system. Away From Them is about feeling free on a mountain. Other excellent poets also contribute poems. Samples are Leave My Heart With Me... (Shy Lhen Esposo) a detailed account of distant romance; Deadly Sounds (by Saurabh Pant) is also on love, on the reminiscent memories. Also included are interviews, one with Nick and his writing and the other with Filipino tattooist Dave Hanz Basilio on tattooing. There is enough here to keep anyone busy, from regular fans of Nick's work to new readers. Watch out for book 3?< Less
The Poetry of Shy Lhen Esposo With Nick Armbrister By Nick Armbrister & Shy Lhen Esposo
eBook (ePub): $2.70
This collection covers the joint projects of Shy Lhen Esposo writing with Nick Armbrister. The poems include their Ace series about a German pilot and the Jewish lady he falls in love with. Their... More > romance is a turbulent one. Also here is Through Open Hangar Doors which cover love and space travel on a trip to the stars. If you're a fan of love poetry in conflict and science fiction, this is for you. Shy's poignant work contests well with Nick's vivid pieces.< Less
Aeroplane Poems 3 By Nick Armbrister & Shy Lhen Esposo
eBook (ePub): $2.70
This is Nick Armbrister's third aviation based poetry collection bringing together poetry and prose from his books from 2015-16. His aircraft poems are on many types ranging from old to new, piston... More > engine to jet, fast to slow, flying and combat and much more. Unlike his earlier two collections, this one is a joint collaboration with Filipina Poet Shy Lhen Esposo. Their work is a project inspired by a powerful World War Two anti war novel called Ace by Spencer Dunmore. This project is included here and also released as a stand alone ebook. There are other poems included too, not released in the Ace Poems project. Nick has been interested in all things that fly since he was a child and this continues today with his poetry and tattoos related to modern aircraft. A book four will follow in the coming years.< Less
606609: Volume Two the Self Tattooing of Nick Armbrister By Nick Armbrister
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Book 2. I like tattoos. Over the years I’ve added to my collection till I’m now 75% covered. Only my face and neck, hands and feet aren’t inked. I’m filling in the remaining... More > gaps with varied artwork. This includes doing my own tattoos either by electric gun or by hand. I thought doing it by hand would be easy; how wrong I was! I learned by trial and error. I got advice from some of my artists. My first series of tattoos were done by hand and using ball point pen ink. This works for some people but not me! Ink went all over the bed sheets. More dangerously, my body reacted against the ink and it all lifted out leaving bad scars. There’s a lesson there: DO NOT USE PEN INK! I got proper ink from my artist and tattooed a way. I did two sessions a week for months. Dozens of small tattoos filled in the gaps on my legs and other places. I slowly got better. Being good at art, I found drawing out the designs no problem. The quality of my hand done tats improved. See for yourself... Did I succeed or fail or...?< Less
Gatoros and Crocos: Lower Case Murky Poems and Ditties By Nick Armbrister
eBook (ePub): $1.93
This is the new alternative poetry book by Nick Armbrister. His work covers many themes ranging from failed romance, the darker aspects of life, science fiction, aircraft and much more. Other... More > talented poets also contribute poems. Examples are Gloomy Sunday by Zen Stark which covers broken romance written in gangsta style and poems on Mark E Smith, the singer of the legendary group The Fall, by Andy N. There is enough here to keep anyone busy, from regular fans of Nick's work to new readers. Watch out for book 2.< Less
Blow Me Down Erotic By Nick Armbrister
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This adult erotic ebook by Nick Armbrister features a few stories and poems. One story called Banana Nana was a previous release with his ex American publisher. It's about the humble banana and what... More > it can be used for. Now it's here with new work. Joining it is a short story on a Russian Neo Soviet soldier spy. Age only eighteen, Boris knows his trade. World conquest is his game. As well as spying he is skilled in erotic arts. This helps further his agenda. And meet the tattoo couple from Boston. What are their names and their hobbies? Read on to find out what they get up to with their clients. Then there are the poems. They feature many different things, moods and more. Nick has been busy hehe...< Less
Gryphons By Nick Armbrister
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A truly unique author called Elizabeth Hand wrote the stunning novel Aestival Tide back in 1992. This inspired my own writing and is my favourite book. I based my poems upon Liz’s Gryphon... More > aircraft from her novel and other flying machines. Her craft are her creation, I made them fly. Without Liz’s writing my poems and writing would not exist. This short project is my fan fiction in tribute to her breathtaking work. The aircraft and flying machines are designed by a lady named Aeroplane Girl. She is my own creation. Enjoy my free download. Shall we fly?< Less
New Dawn 2971 By Nick Armbrister
eBook (ePub): $0.00
New Dawn 2971 is here. The first new varied poetry collection (excluding specific single topic collections) by Nick Armbrister since his Wow! Tattoo My Butt Part 2 - Where Do You Think We All Will Be... More > Tomorrow? of 2013. New Dawn features many alternative pieces in the vein of Nick's pen name Jimmy Boom Semtex. Poems like By Phone cover an erotic automated phone voice; 14 Minutes is about the missile flight time from North Korea to Guam; When I Was Almost Killed covers a car accident that almost killed Nick; Wake up Cliché screams break free of the 'system' and be aware. Many other subjects are here and emotions and views abound. There are also sections featuring other writers like Indian poets Saurabh Pant and Priya Verma and joint poems with the Mule and other writers. This is a book that rivets Nick Armbrister's return as a poet, writer and author beyond description. Check this book out now.< Less