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Cecil Touchon - 2012 Catalog of Works By Cecil Touchon
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This publication is something of a catalogue raisonne for the year. Very few photographic works are included other than images that document my artistic activity. Publishable photos may be found in a... More > separate catalog. Otherwise, this book has almost every hand-made art work created during the year of 2012 including paintings, collages, drawings, sketches, and correspondence works. There may be a doodle here and there or a few unfinished works that have not be included, but this document accurately records the chronological order of at least 98% of the artwork for the year. Also included are documentation of exhibitions that Touchon was in or curated as well as collage poetry that was created over the course of the year.< Less
Cecil Touchon - Catalog of Works - 2011 By Cecil Touchon
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This book documents the creative output of artist/poet Cecil Touchon for the year 2011.
Ternishu & Other Poems By Cecil Touchon
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New poems by Cecil Touchon.
Sell People Things They Don't Need. By Cecil Touchon
eBook (PDF): $7.50
This is the first book of Massurrealist Poetry. The following poetry has been constructed rather than invented. This is a distinction similar to the difference between a drawing and a collage. A... More > drawing is completely fabricated by the artist while a collage is constructed from preexisting parts which have been carefully arranged or even haphazardly arranged! These arrangements are often disjointed, surprising and serendipitous.< Less
Markov Suit Shake - for John M. Bennett By cecil touchon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Markov Suit Shake is a single epic post-minimalist poem to be read aloud. Inspired by a short poem by John M. Bennett, Touchon explores the randomizing effects of a Markov synthesizer in this Fluxus... More > classic.< Less
Happy Shopping - Massurrealist Spam Poetry By Cecil Touchon
eBook (PDF): $12.50
In this book of poetry Cecil Touchon extracts material from the very fabric of the massurreality; texts from spam email. In these poems Touchon gives us a contemplative glimpse into contemporary... More > artistic practice where the artist becomes, much more a connector of things than a creator. Every day trillions of bits of data are transmitted over the Internet. As artists peer into this world of information overload a vast body of incoherent data is brought into view. Much like the subconscious explored by the early Surrealists, Touchon uses this raw material to explore unlikely configurations through the use of found text, the abutment of random, unrelated words and phrases such as the classic example from Lautréamonts Chants de Maldoror: "the unexpected meeting, on a dissection table, of a sewing machine and an umbrella". This embrace of randomness is central to Touchon’s poetic output.< Less
Cecil Touchon - 2010 Catalog of Works By Cecil Touchon
eBook (PDF): $10.00
A chronological record of Cecil Touchon's artistic and poetic activity during the year 2010. Contains images of all collages, drawings, poetry and paintings.
The Cut and Paste Poets - An Anthology of Collage Poetry By Cecil Touchon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The present volume is a chronological compilation of poetry submitted to an email listserv dedicated to collage poetry. Some additional notes by the authors are also included if they helped to... More > illustrate the intention, construction techniques or source material used in a particular poem’s creation. The email group was started as an online studio space where poets and artists explore the methods of collage construction as it applies to poetic texts. This group of collagists have become known as the Cut and Paste Poets because of their methods of poetic construction. A wide range of processes and techniques are represented in this volume illustrating the breadth of possibilities involved in the use of found materials. Each poet exhibits a definite and refined working style that encompasses a wide ranging set of search and gathering methods to compile the raw materials for the poems and a recognizable formal production of the works.< Less
The Fusion Series By Cecil Touchon
eBook (PDF): $12.95
Cecil Touchon explores the boundaries between art and poetry in these elegant and intimate papiers collages composed of bits of lettering and the empty spaces between them. Stripped of literary... More > meaning, these works rely on composition, rhythm and visual movement to convey their meaning which is ambiguous and intuitive. These works are constructed from distressed street posters that have been carefully edited into inlayed bits of printed matter creating passages that move from figure to ground and then reverse back to figure through gentle curves, irregular grids and subtle shading techniques. Snippets of lettering almost become recognizable letters or perhap proposals for a new poetic alphabet but always slip back into forms and spaces creating enigmatic and open, simultaneously plausible interpretations.< Less
FLUXHIBITION #3: Thinking Inside of the Box - Boxes, Cases, Kits and Containers from the Permanent Collection By Cecil Touchon
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This may well be one of the most significant art exhibits of its kind - certainly of the early 21st century. There are a small handful of established exhibitions designed to showcase the current... More > state of the arts, such as the Venice Biennale; however, what's amazing about this exhibit is that it's not organized by a major institution (along with the inherent politics), but rather by a group of artists who truly are in life's trenches - where the "real world" interfaces with artistic expression.< Less