A Musician's Love By Jolene Rodriguez
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It has always been Jo's dream to move out to the country with her children and after a battling marriage, she takes the step. While she is fulfilling this dream, she longs for the need of a love... More > to share it with - a certain kind of love - the love in her heart and soul - a musician's love. She falls in love with the musician of her dreams and while she tries to hold on to this love, she discovers the strength within her as she absorbs the nightlife and the music world around her.< Less
Stolen Memories: Hidden Agenda By William J. Smith
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $14.99 You Save: 25%
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Carrie Anne Wellington is a ten-year-old girl coming from a well-connected, political family,but one day she wakes up in a padded-cell,bound in a Posey strait-jacket,and she couldn't remember a... More > thing. Over time,Carrie Anne's memory returns and she realizes that her losing her memory wasn't just due to happenstance, that she is a victim of a governmental conspiracy, and that she must escape the insane asylum where she was committed and let the world know what happened to her before it's too late< Less
Along Came Neil (Wings from Ashes: 3) By Linda Nelson
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There's a new boy in town, and Ashley wants him badly. Will Karla steal her man too? Karla Centon no longer is the newest student at Brantwood High. Since moving to Brantwood six months ago, her... More > life had been going nowhere in the right direction until she meets Neil Allard, a handsome cheerful boy who wrestles his way into her heart. Karla takes an instant disliking to Neil because she thinks he’s not her type. However, what is her type? Is it tall skinny guys who wear baseball hats backwards and who happen to be bad boys or warm loveable funny guys who are more than just nice occasionally, like Neil? Ashley likes Neil too, and her friend Maggie tries her best to keep Karla away from him. However, when Ashley starts making a big deal out of his wandering eyes, Neil doesn't like it. Feisty Romance or a Tangled Trio, what will it be?< Less
The Secret Life of Ashley Miles By Lena Kovadlo
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $13.99 You Save: 30%
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Life for Ashley Miles can't get any worse. Her parents are divorced, she can't find a job, has no boyfriend, and is stuck living with her mother in a house by the cemetery. Things suddenly start to... More > change and her life starts going in the right direction. Just when it seems like everything is finally going her way, it all comes crumbling down and she is back right where she started. It seems as if she can never have the life that she's dreamed of. She feels like giving up... Will she be able to pick up the pieces and get her life back on track? Find out as you unlock The Secret Life of Ashley Miles.< Less
Le rêve, sous l'empire de l'amour By Antoine Archange Raphael
Paperback: List Price: $28.56 $19.99 You Save: 30%
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A cause des incertudes de la réalité, de la vitesse parfois ahurissante de ses métamorphoses, Henriot Levêque, d'humbles origines, et Pamela Julien, née dans... More > l'opulence, se demandent si leur amour se concrétiserait jamais dans la glaise du réel.< Less
Concern, the sources of values under fire in Cows Island By Antoine Archange Raphael
Paperback: List Price: $26.92 $18.84 You Save: 30%
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Frank Legar, depending on the angle from which he is viewed, passes off as a pain in the neck, a sexual pervert, a mentally deranged, a righteous fellow, a living paradox… Then, he rescues... More > Lorraine Pinson, a beautiful and wealthy adolescent, from suicide. They become good friends later. Such friendship unleashes an avalanche of intense emotions and uncontrollable passion, in Cows Island. Along the way, philosophy, religion, art, politics, science are being questioned. This story is a dramatization of "The sources of values", an essay on the world conditions by the same author.< Less
A stranger's wonderful chronicles, Book 2 By Antoine Archange Raphael
Paperback: List Price: $30.95 $21.67 You Save: 30%
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The reporter, Brian Clifford, has no other alternative but to believe that a stranger, with extraordinary power, has been spreading goodness in his wake. He has also learned that stranger gives new... More > meanings to words such as love, duties, fellowmen, brothers and sisters in humanity.< Less
Derrick, the young wise man and his youth club that saved the neighborhood By Antoine Archange Raphael
Paperback: List Price: $22.84 $15.99 You Save: 30%
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The book recalls to the youth, as well as to the concerned parents, educators, social workers and counselors that reality is a given. It’s neither beautiful nor ugly; human beings can tailor it... More > to their own visions. Indeed, we can reshape reality to produce more workable living conditions, and young people have the energy to carry out this optimistic undertaking; provided that they have an awareness of their Promethean role in the unfolding of history.< Less
Road Salt (Wings from Ashes: 2) By Linda Nelson
Hardcover: List Price: $33.99 $20.39 You Save: 40%
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There is nothing wrong with getting high, or so Carol and Karla felt until they saw Rod high on Bath Salts. Carol makes up with Karla to ease her guilt about what happened to Karla at the party.... More > There are two new boys in town that happen to be free for the taking and Karla and Carol are just the ones to find them. When Mrs. Centon flips out at Karla afterschool and calls the police on her, she has had enough. She and her new found friends decide to take a little road trip. All goes well until Carol's new boyfriend starts using a new drug sold over the counter called Bath Salts creating a disastrous event for all.< Less
Fire & Ice By Mary Jaycee
Paperback: List Price: $24.99 $14.99 You Save: 40%
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Tiffany Brooks believes the fireman was mocking her when she catches him staring. She’s haunted by his penetrating eyes and nice physique. But it helps her to jumpstart her career and whip... More > herself into shape. She meets another man whose past is mysterious. What Tiffany discovers forces her to rethink their relationship. If only that cute fireman didn’t despise her so much… Fire marshal, Steve Knights has to conduct an inspection at the hospital. When he glances in the mailroom and spots Tiffany, he is instantly smitten. Steve knows he shouldn’t get involved, but his sixth sense tells him there’s something different about her. Could she be the one to heal him from an earlier loss? Tiffany doesn’t as much as give him the time of day. A deranged arsonist is also on the loose and if not stopped, will maim or kill. Steve and Tiffany eventually collide in a fiery encounter that can cost Tiffany her life.< Less
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