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La Grecia Fascista (1936-1941) By Andreas Markessinis
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El periodo del fascismo en Grecia (1936-1941) es probablemente la etapa más oscura de la historia moderna del país, y ha recibido muy poca atención por parte de historiadores o... More > estudiosos hasta la fecha. “La Grecia Fascista” es el primer libro en lengua castellana centrado exclusivamente en analizar en profundidad el régimen de Ioannis Metaxás, el general que convirtió buena parte de los años 30 de Grecia en una especie de versión griega del Tercer Reich. El autor analiza los fundamentos ideológicos del régimen, la represión policial, la política social, cultural y económica, así como las complicadas relaciones exteriores del país. “La Grecia Fascista” ofrece una visión analítica y crítica muy completa e ilustrada con más de 300 fotografías sobre uno de los periodos más desconocidos aunque más interesantes de la historia moderna de Grecia. Para más información y fotografías del libro visite< Less
The Greek pavilion at the 1939 New York World’s Fair By Andreas Markessinis
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This 32-pages long booklet explores the Greek pavilion at the 1939 New York's World Fair. The pavilion is specially interesting because it is one of the few instances the Metaxas quasi-fascist regime... More > introduced itself to the outer world on a large-scale basis. The booklet analyzes how the pavilion expressed the Metaxas dictatorship's ideological propaganda, and provides very interesting pictures of the pavilion from both the outside and the inside, as well as rare images of the Metaxian propaganda brochures. For more information and pictures of the book visit< Less
METAXAS RE-BRANDED (Posters of the 4th of August State) By Andreas Markessinis
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This book is an unprecedented experiment in graphic design. It contains 50 posters that could have existed during the Metaxas dictatorship in Greece (1936-1941), a quasi-fascist regime bynamed... More > ‘the 4th of August State’. These banners, all of them produced in modern times, have been intentionally designed to resemble the political propaganda posters that were infamously popular in the turbulent 1930s in Europe and Greece. Although fabricated, these posters have been handcrafted carefully in order to be as historically accurate as possible. From a conceptual point of view, they are historically truthful because most of the messages and slogans used have been picked from propaganda material from the Metaxas years. From an aesthetical perspective, the posters use pictures, graphics, fonts and colors actually used by the 4th of August state. The result is a stunning book with an enjoyable plethora of incredibly realistic posters which are both beautiful and powerful.< Less
METAXAS JUGEND - A picture album of the Greek Fascist Youth EON (Εθνική Οργάνωση Νεολαίας) By Andreas Markessinis
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Metaxas Jugend: A picture album of the Greek Fascist Youth Organization EON (Εθνική Οργάνωση... More > Νεολαίας) features over 400 pictures of the Greek fascist equivalent to the German Hitlerjugend. These pictures, some of them very rare, provide a straight and completely visual insight into a massive youth organization that reached 1,250,000 members - by 1941 over one sixth of the entire Greek population wore the dark blue uniform of the EON. This book is structured around 14 different aspects of the organization, from military training to sports and leisure, and vividly shows how EON members were drowned into the new collective life of the Metaxas regime, from their participation in nationalist parades to their role in the Greek-Italian war in the winter of 1940-41. The book gives an illustrated, pictures-only account of one of the most obscure yet most fascinating organizations in interwar Europe. For more information and pictures of the book visit< Less
The untold history of Greek collaboration with Nazi Germany (1941-1944) By Markos Vallianatos
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This book explores Greek collaboration with the Nazis during the Axis occupation of Greece in the Second World War, a topic that continues to be one of the biggest taboos in Greek society. It tells... More > the mostly unknown story of the Greek quislings, an heterogeneous amalgam of fascists, germanophiles, anti-Semites, criminals and opportunists, but also of genuine patriots and ordinary citizens. It provides a clear picture on the Axis-held puppet governments in Athens and the court of radical Greek Nazi political organizations that supported them. It also examines specific aspects of collaboration, from the issuing of German-sponsored propaganda to the creation of paramilitary units to fight along the Wehrmacht, from the intrigues within the collaborationist government to the questionable economic profiteering of some locals. The book explains why so many Greeks chose to ally themselves with the enemy instead of choosing Resistance and reveals the most occult secrets of Greece.< Less
Introduction au Fascisme Grec By Andreas Markessinis
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Introduction Au Fascisme Grec se concentre sur l’histoire et la philosophie du régime fasciste qui exista en Grèce dans les années 1930, une dictature appelé... More > «Régime du Quatre Août» et qui fut dirigé par le général Ioánnis Metaxás. Ce livre contient cinq articles écrits par Andreas Markessinis au sujet de la période très peu connue de la Grèce Fasciste et une collection d’annexes qui jamais n’ont été traduites au Français. Pour plus d'informations et photos du livre s'il vous plaît visitez< Less