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X By Brian Carney
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Where Frank L Baum meets Stephen King in the land where the one-armed man is king... If you meet a man with one arm, you may wonder how he came to be that way. Maybe it was some sort of industrial... More > accident, or perhaps an amputation due to an illness or a disease. Or maybe it was because of something you could never in your darkest, most horrible nightmares imagine. And how do I know so much about one-armed men you may ask? Because I met one. His name was X.< Less
Battle of the Bands By Brian Carney
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It’s 1988 and thinks could be looking up for The Smiling Reptiles. The North of England Battle of the Bands competition could be just the break needed for : Frontman Stevo,a drug-fuelled... More > egomaniac, meglomaniac sex maniac. Vinny, a pot smoking guitarist with a rare talent…for plagiarism. Scat, a timid ex-Punk bassist, ill at ease with his new-found funk tendancies. Narcissistic pretentious knob-twiddling synth player Lexxo, and drummer/plumber Raggerty, a no-nonsense skin pounder with more than a passing fondness for the amber nectar. On the other hand, the contest could turn out to be just another dead-end smalltown gig, but not for the shadowy figure trailing their every move ; for him it’s a matter of life and death…< Less
Take Your Protein Pills... By Brian Carney
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Take Your Protein Pills is the biography of underground psychedelic rock band Poisoned Electrick Head, as seen through the eyes of their keyboard player Brian Carney. It's a no-holds-barred, manic,... More > tragic and often hilarious account of life at the unglamorous end of rock's underbelly.< Less