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Paul Michael Bergeron - Author Extraordinaire
Thirty Days Across the Big Pond: Part One By Mike Slickster
eBook (ePub): $5.99
An extraordinary thirty-day grand tour of London and Europe sets the stage for a hilariously sexy, yet poignant illustrated adventure. This action-packed series features the hapless misadventures and... More > unforeseen predicaments that befall Mike Slickster, a fun-loving screwball in the midst of a midlife crisis, looking for Nirvana. Notable stopovers in Paris, Nice, Rome, Florence and Venice will treat the engrossed reader to scrumptious cuisines, colorful local histories and quaint ambiances found in each of these ancient or medieval centers of civilization. Nine gorgeous women, an old friend in Paris, a smiling Algerian, a remarkable bartender, local police officers, and a villainous madman fill the main cast of zany characters, shuttling our hero to near death experiences, exorbitant excitement, extreme pandemonium, and ultimate fulfillment. Sex, food, fun, friends, booze, music, comedy, fine art, baseball; beautiful, supportive photographs and tongue-in-cheek eroticism are the tale's main ingredients.< Less
Sarobia: Sanctuary for Human Beings, Birds and Animals By Paul Michael Bergeron
eBook (ePub): $3.99
(1 Ratings)
Tales of hoodoo, witchcraft and debauchery had been discussed over pints of ale at local saloons, and amid hushed fireside chats by neighboring residents during the heyday of Sarobia's mysterious,... More > experimental commune and art colony, deep in the woods along the Delaware River in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Within this illustrated book, take a magical trip on a virtual journey into yesteryear, and discover the real story behind the goings-on at the notorious estate owned by Robert Restalrig Logan, the last-remaining, direct descendant of James Logan, William Penn's seventeenth-century secretary in Colonial America.< Less
Thirty Days Across the Big Pond: A Crash Course in Pomp and Circumstance By Mike Slickster
eBook (ePub): $4.99
(1 Ratings)
Welcome to the wacky conclusion of Mike Slickster's phenomenal journey across the big pond: part three of a humorous, historical, outrageously forthright trilogy, extolling the supreme graciousness... More > and heavenly grandeur of English Royalty, present-day nobility, heartwarming spiritualism, and one sensationally adorable friend. This last installment of the epic series is a royal tribute to London, its beauty and heritage, filled with glorious tales of medieval charm, ghastly ghosts, awe-inspiring architecture, a dash of euphemistic sexuality, and centuries dedicated to ceremonial pomp and circumstance, complete with photos and illustrations to enhance the reader's enjoyment.< Less
Thirty Dirty Days Across the Big Pond: Amsterdam High Jinks By Mike Slickster
eBook (ePub): $5.99
(1 Ratings)
"Amsterdam High Jinks," the second part of Mike Slickster's sensational trilogy, involves erotic relationships with three extraordinarily complex women and one prostitute, explicit... More > documentation of the intrinsic ambiance within this medieval berg, and the tragic, personal suffering of its heroic citizens during a dark period in European history. The artistic wealth of the Netherlands' capital is brought to life with detailed sagas of two well-known, Dutch favorite sons, and one prolific daughter. Toothsome, local cuisines; the laid-back, promiscuous culture; and the sundry, mind-altering accoutrements available to residents and tourist alike, compliment the fascinating whirlwind tale. A sentimental reunion with the two Parisian pretties from "Part One" tops off this amorous, heartwarming, offbeat, hilarious story of overindulgence, sexuality and psychedelic rediscovery. Beautiful, original photographs and colorful illustrations fully enhance the reader's total experience throughout the fun-filled e-book.< Less