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Trading Email Writing for Beginners By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The five standard emails provided in this textbook are written in full compliance with the modern Chinese email correspondence specific requirements to the email text layout, usage of standard... More > lexicology and stylistics, introduction and closing phrases. The email texts are followed by detailed wordings which facilitate and speed up the learning process. This textbook is specially designed as a beginning course for the Chinese language learners who are willing to be successfully employed in the area of the international trading relations. It also can be used by the Chinese language teachers as a supplementary material in their Chinese business writing lessons.< Less
The Chinese Business Emails Samples & Wording By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $12.99
Different in size six awesome email letter samples included into this textbook form clear understanding of the Chinese modern email correspondence. The letters highlight marketing, commercial,... More > export, advertising, terms of payment and express delivery subjects and can be used as the email templates in the daily office international correspondence. This textbook is designed for a wide range of learners. It also can be used by the Chinese language teachers as a part of their Chinese business writing programs.< Less
Open the Door to Chinese Book 2 By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $26.10
This book is a perfectly structural textbook with a deep and detailed presentation of the special questions theme in a dialogue-like form. Easy to understand structures of each lesson save you a lot... More > of time and bring you a complete feeling of the deepest satisfaction with your academic results while learning the Chinese language!< Less
Supersonic Marketing Chinese Book 1 By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $39.80
This textbook includes 10 marketing letters with the detailed glossaries, vocabularies and exercises for the new words learning. Texts and analytical exercises in this textbook are based on the best... More > self-teaching practices and turn the Chinese language learning into the everlasting chain of the greatest pleasure! From now on any kind of e-mail marketing correspondence in the Chinese language will be a great pleasure for you, both reading and writing! Your outstanding knowledge how to write marketing letters push you forward to the frontline of the super-experienced and the most precious office employees.< Less
The Chinese Commercial Contract Discussion By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $11.99
Each Unit of this textbook includes the main text, list of characters used in the Unit, exercises on character study and character decomposition, grammar exercises on general questions study,... More > exercises on the Chinese numerals study and The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance for the Unit. The main purpose of this book is developing speaking skills by means of studying general questions. The skill of asking questions is very important in business talks with the Chinese trading partners as well as in business correspondence.< Less
Reducing the Contract Amount By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This is a one-topic book from the series of books related to discussion of different aspects of business contract terms in the Chinese language. The book contains a number of useful phrases and words... More > which might be used in the process of business negotiations. The book includes the Table of the Chinese Radicals, the main text, the list of used characters, exercises for the Chinese characters study, including exercises on the Chinese characters decomposition. Quite a number of grammar exercises disclose the theme of the general questions in the Chinese language. Answers to exercises at the end of the book are a good support for self-learners.< Less
The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $39.99
The Chinese character decomposition makes the process of the Chinese characters study easy and pleasant, helps to understand the character structure and, consequently, quickly memorize and write them... More > without experiencing any problems. Understanding the structure of each character – radicals and components - and their meaning leads to fast and successful memorization. As far as there is only a certain number of radicals and components available in the language, gradual learning of those will extremely help the learners to quickly catch the writing of unfamiliar characters. This is why this Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance is an indispensable tool which forms a solid knowledge base and confidence in writing skills right from the beginning of education.< Less
Open the Door to Chinese Book 1 By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $25.40
The second edition of the ‘Open the Door to Chinese Book 1’ by Polina Shinkina provides updates in some exercises on the Chinese numerals. In order to make the Chinese numerals more... More > comprehensible for self-learning, the examples are included into the exercises on arithmetic calculations. The self-correction and self-control opportunities for the learners are methodically upgraded too. For this purpose the answers to the exercises on the Chinese numerals are included into this textbook.< Less
Open the Door to Chinese Book 3 By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $28.99
Open the Door to Chines, Book 3 is the best among the perfect Chinese language textbooks! This book combines simplicity and structural approach to the exercises with academic depth on the Chinese... More > characters study. Both the learners and the Chinese language teachers will find this textbook the most convenient in use and astonishingly efficient in achieving their educational results!< Less
Supersonic Commercial Chinese Book 1 By Polina Shinkina
eBook (PDF): $39.80
The book includes samples of the best modern commercial letters which might be used as perfect templates for your everyday business correspondence and save much of your efforts in pushing your... More > company business to the higher goals. The detailed Chinese character decomposition and thorough study of the Chinese numerals included in this textbook make a perfect complement to the solid knowledge base which will lead you ahead to greater success in your business.< Less