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Dogs in the Bushes By Sean Q. Beeching
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Herewith the second installment of stellar essays by Mr. Beeching. In this second outing Mr.Beeching extends the range and intensity of his observations. The sublime and the uncanny mix in a... More > delirious taxonomy (at least for those of us not accustomed to the language of lichens), as that sempiternal micro-duality which the lichen is, leads to ruminations on history, fate, destiny and the manifold mystery of that bit of bio which is two bios in one. Spiraling simultaneously inward and outward, Mr. Beeching’s ruminations on light, color, life, and death move now dolorous, now near-ecstatic. Always enmeshing the personal singularity of one man passing through nature (and hence necessarily twenty first century culture) the author also pursues the more general forms of history and psychology and the oscillations that the two are prone to produce…just as, not coincidentally, the two-fold lichen.< Less
Apparent Horizon By Robert Cheatham
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It may be the case that the biggest Event, the most horrible catastrophe will not be of the order of climate, or asteroids, or food production , or extreme financialization or any of the other... More > Dooms which seem to await us, riding along side of us as we rapidly futurize (or indemnify) the human. It might just as possibly be an invention, that unprecedented Event which causes a global collapse into another phase state away from the human, away from the organic; a product of the foreign body which forms part of the human, will be responsible for everything that we fear from catastrophic interventions and intrusions, something which simultaneously wipes out and restates, something which, much more frightening than Ebola, will be something which we desire and want to come about, something we have created: an invention which is hollow inside.< Less
perforations: After the remainder: calls, comings, desiderata By Robert Cheatham
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A selected perforations compilation of material from 1992 until 2014: calls, articles, and more. Theory, anti-data, communitarian, ghostly, hysterical, missed aim, infra thin (where the brain rubber... More > hits the road)< Less
the naked prince By colleen payton
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"What you hold in your hand may look like a chapbook, but it is a magic object, a cabinet of curiosities disguised as a meditation on 'the terrible and wondrous laws of leave-taking.' Inside, a... More > ballet unfolds. Thumbelina drifts through a landscape of unsuitable suitors, and as secrets reveal and re-clothe themselves in shifting lights and shadows, we begin to see at work a renaissance specimen logic wherein spiders' webs, bruises on cherry blossoms, storm-battered coral reefs, and the whiskered inhabitants of ceynotes transform themselves into both marvelous new world and momento mori. This 19 poem collection confronts us with the transitory nature of shelters and hiding places, the inevitable stains on the new bed, the uncertainty of days to come." Hester L. Furey, author of little Fish< Less
Anomalous Propagation By robert cheatham
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anomalous propagation: those false returns on the radar screen, on your consciousness, the wiggles seen out of the corner of the eye: there but not there, the material world brought to life,... More > zombie-like; the conscious world put to sleep, zombie-like' meeting in the middle, we exist somewhere between transmission and 'false' return. Nothing to do but dance that mess around.< Less
... Close to Impenetrable By Robert Cheatham
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" The children eventually abandon the parents and leave with the aliens, having crossed a boundary condition that was unseen and unreadable by the parents. Not mutation or mediation but rather... More > abandonment would seem to be the governing motif of all forms of modernity, including the form which has apparently embraced its abandonment, postmodernity. This leave-taking seems to always be accompanied by unreadability as a threshold condition and liminal state." Unreadable< Less
Brazen Throats By Nixon Bill
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Brazen Throats is an epic poem by a veteran: "Bill Nixon gives us what seems to be straightforward narrative of the string of epic moments, horrifying in their suddenness and violence and even... More > more so as they –the men, the moments—double over into bonding and ecstatic fusion; moving beyond what any of them had ever conceived as a normal reality, ideology falls away and it is Us verses Them." [....] from the preface< Less
Obsidio By Beeching Sean Q.
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A fictionalized account of the fall of Western Culture, as seen through the prism of the city of Atlanta. The return of Mayan/Aztec culture and its replacement of Christianity in Atlanta Ga. By... More > turns, funny, sobering, historical, traumatic, mixing autobiography, fiction, theology and history in a heady blend.< Less
Im/Provisation: Live!@eyedrum By Cheatham Robert
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Writings from fourteen years of open improv at eyedrum art and music gallery. Theory, liner notes, and a large audio compilation are included.
Manifestation & Materialization: UFO Drag Queen :: Delirium By Cheatham Robert
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"I can remember many clear and starry summer nights when I was a young boy, hanging out with my friends on the hood of the family car, all dreamy and wonder-filled after coming back from a... More > showing of It Came From Outer Space, or Not of The Earth, or Angry Red Planet, or Forbidden Planet or any of a dozen other space themed adventures. These first cinematic voyages of the space age seemed like incredible irruptions in the eyes of an eleven year old boy, an enchantment coming from outside the frame of ordinary everyday life, and certainly finding fertile ground in those just beginning on life’s journey. But as much as anything else what we were witnessing was the first large scale demographic distribution of a redressing of the dismantling of enchantment by the Enlightenment, an approaching wave of the uncanny that was soon to turn into a tsunami."< Less