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Culinary Herbs By M.G. Kains
eBook (PDF): $1.00
How to plan, plant, cultivate, harvest, cure, and use herbs for cooking flavorful foods. Illustrated.
The Life of Jesus Christ By Rev. James Stalker, D. D.
eBook (PDF): $1.59
The Life of Jesus Christ by Rev. James Stalker, D. D. The plan of this book has been to exhibit in the briefest possible space the main features and the general course of the Life, so as to... More > cause the well-known details to flow together in the reader's mind and shape themselves into an easily comprehended whole. The contents include: CHAP. I. THE BIRTH, INFANCY AND YOUTH OF JESUS, CHAP, II. THE NATION AND THE TIME, CHAP. III. THE FINAL STAGES OF HIS PREPARATION, DIVISIONS OF HIS PUBLIC MINISTRY, CHAP. IV. THE YEAR OF OBSCURITY, CHAP. V. THE YEAR OF PUBLIC FAVOR, CHAP. VI. THE YEAR OF OPPOSITION, CHAP. VII. THE END, CONCLUSION, and HINTS FOR TEACHERS AND QUESTIONS FOR PUPILS.< Less
Imago Christi: The Example of Jesus Christ By Rev. James Stalker, M. A.
eBook (PDF): $1.59
Imago Christi: The Example of Jesus Christ by Rev. James Stalker, M. A. Jesus taught as much by His example as by His words. This book divides the circle of human life into segments, each of... More > which represents an extensive sphere of experience and duty, and then follows our Lord through them one after another, in order to see how He conducted Himself in each and thereby learn how to conduct ourselves in the same.< Less
The New Testament and Its Writers By Rev. J. A. McClymont
eBook (PDF): $1.59
The New Testament and Its Writers by Rev. J. A. McClymont. This book is a very impartial outline of what is known as Introduction to the Books of New Testament Scripture. The perfect lucidity of... More > the author's style and the fullness of his information makes this a valuable text book.< Less
The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas By Rev. Jesse L. Hurlbut, D.D.
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas: Historical and Descriptive, Illustrated by Rev. Jesse L. Hurlbut, D.D. Full Title is: Bible Atlas: A Manual of Biblical Geography and History Especially Prepared For... More > the Use of Teachers and Students of the Bible, and for Sunday School Instruction, Containing Maps, Plans, Review Charts, Colored Diagrams, and Illustrated With Accurate Views of the Principal Cities and Localities Known to Bible History. Revised Edition.< Less
The Teaching of Jesus Concerning Himself By Rev. Prof. James Stalker
eBook (PDF): $1.59
The Teaching of Jesus Concerning Himself by Rev. Prof. James Stalker. Professor Stalker relates Jesus' teachings about himself. Chapters include: I. The Importance of the Teaching of Jesus, II.... More > The Son of Man, III. The Son of God, IV. The Messiah, V. The Redeemer, and VI. The Judge. Appendices include: A. Wendt's Untranslated Volume on the Teaching of Jesus and B. The Book of Enoch.< Less
Bible Text Encyclopedia By Rev. James Inglis
eBook (PDF): $1.59
Bible Text Cyclopedia: A Complete Classification of Scripture Texts in the Form of an Alphabetical List of Subjects by Rev. James Inglis. In this book, every subject will be found in it which has... More > a place in the Sacred Volume, whether Doctrinal, Devotional, Practical, Ecclesiastical, Historical, Biographical, or Secular. The name of every person and place connected with any historical event is given, except where such names occur only in Topographical or Genealogical Tables. The Author has attempted to discover EVERY TEXT of Scripture belonging to each topic. The subjects are arranged Alphabetically, to facilitate reference. No general titles, such as History, Geography, Botany, occur in the work. To find the History of the Israelites, the reader will examine the title Israelites ; and every plant, tree, or flower, will be found under its own name. The same rule applies to all other subjects.< Less
Bible Characters By D. L. Moody
eBook (PDF): $1.59
Bible Characters by D. L. Moody. This book features a few character sketches in the hope that the reader may be led to similar studies with much instruction and delight. Character sketches... More > include: Daniel the Prophet, Enoch, Lot, Jacab, and John the Baptist.< Less
The Life of St Paul By Rev. James Stalker, D. D.
eBook (PDF): $1.59
The Life of St Paul by Rev. James Stalker, D. D. This book gives an account of the Apostle Paul's life, focusing on his dedication, after his conversion, to the preaching of the gospel. The... More > contents of this book include: CHAPTER I. His Place in History, CHAPTER II. His Unconscious Preparation for his Work, CHAPTER III. His Conversion, CHAPTER IV. His Gospel, CHAPTER V. The Work Awaiting the Worker, CHAPTER VI. His Missionary Travels, CHAPTER VII. His Writings and his Character, CHAPTER VIII. Picture of a Pauline Church, CHAPTER IX. His Great Controversy, CHAPTER X. The End, and HINTS TO TEACHERS AND QUESTIONS FOR BIBLE STUDENTS.< Less
Women of the Bible By P. C. Headley
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Women of the Bible: From Eve of the Old to the Marys of the New Testament by P. C. Headley The biographies are in chronological order, and will make an outline of Scripture History, including... More > nearly all the heroic and distinguished women of the Sacred Annals. The biological sketches include: EVE, SARAH, REBEKAH, RACHEL, MIRIAM, DEBORAH, JEPTHA'S DAUGHTER, DELILAH, RUTH, HANNAH, QUEEN OF SHEBA, JEZEBEL, ATHALIAH, THE SHUNAMITE, ESTHER, ELIZABETH, THE VIRGIN MARY, THE SISTERS, MARTHA AND MARY, and TABITHA, also named DORCAS.< Less