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The Haunted Woman By David Lindsay
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A beautiful supernatural story about transcendent love and transcendent consciousness set in and around the Brighton of the 1920's. David Lindsay's second novel was serialised in The Daily News in... More > 1921 and published in book form with the current text in 1922. The influence of George Macdonald's metaphysical and fantastical works is evident in this story and Lindsay's work is known to have influenced C. S. Lewis, Tolkien and other 'Inklings'. For someone who hasn't read any of Lindsay's books 'The Haunted Woman' is an excellent place to start.< Less
The New Atlantis and The City of the Sun By Bacon Campanella
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Book contains Bacon's unfinished Rosicrucian Utopian masterpiece along with Campanella's Spanish Utopian vision of the old land in the west where the philosophy of brotherly love prevails.
DEVIL'S TOR By David Lindsay
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'Devil's Tor', published in 1932, is the undoubted masterpiece of David Lindsay. Many of the extraordinary and disturbing themes of 'A Voyage to Arcturus' are explored more deeply and expressed more... More > clearly in it. The story describes the mental processes and experiences of various people drawn by an active Fate to Devil's Tor, a minor Dartmoor height. Lives are ended, shattered and transformed by truly cosmic forces. Nowhere in printed English is the working of the Unseen in living minds more vividly drawn than in David Lindsay; and nowhere in Lindsay more magnificently than in 'Devil's Tor'.< Less
The House on the Borderlands By William Hope Hodgson
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In 1877 Messrs. Tonnison and Berreggnog discovered a mysteriously preserved manuscript in unstable Ruins to the South of the Village of Kraighten which may be found in the west of Ireland. I have the... More > queer, faint, pit-water smell of it in my nostrils now as I write, and my fingers have subconscious memories of the soft, "cloggy" feel of the long-damp pages. I read, and, in reading, lifted the Curtains of the Impossible that blind the mind, and looked out into the unknown. Amid stiff, abrupt sentences I wandered; and, presently, I had no fault to charge against their abrupt tellings; for, better far than my own ambitious phrasing, is this mutilated story capable of bringing home all that the old Recluse, of the vanished house, had striven to tell. The fate of the Recluse and of the vanished house, the House on the Borderlands was laid out in the manuscript exactly as it is reproduced in this book and in this form it has inspired writers of horror and fantasy for over a century.< Less
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THE DEATH TABLEAU is a discomforting excursion into the seediness and tedium of real and terrifying 'evil'. Using word pictures that hit you like a brick wall, Herbertson tests his lady hero to the... More > limit and beyond. At times touching on the brilliance of Lewis and Priestley with his descriptions of things beyond description, Herbertson takes his readers beyond the wardrobe of fantastical psychic outfits necessary for the performance of our daily masques of mundanity, showing how the true ashlar is wrought only through being hit quite hard with sharp objects.< Less
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David Lindsay's first novel is widely regarded as a work of genius. Using a mystical journey to a neighbouring star, Lindsay strips the psyche - to reveal an astonishing world view. It was retitled... More > 'A Voyage to Arcturus' on the advice of the original publishers and is best known by that name. By returning the original title the unsettling effect that Lindsay intended is restored.< Less
I REMEMBER LEMURIA and Other Stories By Richard Shaver
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When Richard S. Shaver was working as a welder in the early 1930s in a Ford factory in Wisconsin, he claimed to hear voices warning him of vast caves under the earth, in which lurk the dero:... More > prehistoric, devolved cannibals who prey on our minds with ancient super-science. In 1944, Shaver wrote this story which was later reworked and published in the March 1945 issue of Amazing Science Fiction.< Less
SPHINX By David Lindsay
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On the surface, Sphinx tells of the arrival into a polite and fashionable 1920's rural community of one Nicholas Cabot, a young man who has recently come into money. The deeper themes of the book... More > include levels of consciousness, the nature of choosing, and the boundary between life and death - explored chiefly through the device of Cabot's esoteric chemical experiments. Like all of Lindsay's books, Sphinx gives up its secrets a little at a time, and rewards frequent re-reading.< Less
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Written in 1871, 'The Coming Race' is the story of the narrator's accidental discovery of a subterranean civilization given power by their ability to mould the universal etheric substance they call... More > VRIL. As in Wells' 'The Time Machine', the alternative civilization is used, in part, to comment on the ways of the world the author knew. But what were the realities of that world, and how much did he really know... VRIL-YA!< Less
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'The Phantom of the Poles' expounds William Reed's theory that the poles were unreachable because they were non-existent and instead there were entrances, at the Earth's axis, to its hollow interior.... More > This is a view which has been offered by others (often in rather different form) both before Reed and right up to the present day. The unorthodoxy of the view on its own makes this an interesting read, while Inner Earth theorists may find notions worthy of further investigation.< Less