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Contemporary Philosophy of Religion By Steven Duncan
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Among the questions that have exercised philosophers of the last sixty years, that of the existence of God has been one of the most hotly contested. That question is the subject of this book. Its... More > chapters cover: What is the Philosophy of Religion? Three Competing Paradigms in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion; Deductivism (Neo-Thomism, Analytic Philosophy, Analytic Atheism, etc); Inductivism (Mitchell’s Inductivist Proposal, Swinburne’s various arguments, the Future of Inductivism); Post-Deductivism (the Ethics of Belief, The Post-Deductivists on Evil, Plantinga’s Reformed Epistemology, Plantinga and Wolterstorff: Christian Philosophy); and Recent Work on the Traditional Arguments for God’s Existence. "An excellent introduction to the subject area. It offers clear concise coverage of recent developments and is written in an accessible way. Newcomers to the philosophy of religion as well as those with a background in the field would profit from consulting it." -- Sarah Harrison< Less
Francis Jeffrey's Highland and Continental Tours By Pamela Perkins
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Newly transcribed from manuscript, Francis Jeffrey's Highland Tour of 1800 and Continental Tour of 1823 offer a revealing insight into the sensibility of the arch critic of the Lake Poets. 244 pages,... More > with an introduction by Pamela Perkins.< Less
Analytic Philosophy of Religion: Its History Since 1955 By Steven Duncan
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This book is a reconstruction and interpretation of the development of analytic philosophy of religion in Britain and the United States, with special reference to the debate over the existence of God... More > and the problem of evil, during the last fifty years. It discusses Theism and Atheism; Neo-Thomism; The Problem of Religious Language; The Argument from Evil and the Origins of Inductivism; The Inductivist Paradigm; The Ontological, Cosmological Argument and Teleological Arguments; Post-Deductivism; and The Philosophy of Religion Today. Steven M. Duncan’s other publications include A Primer of Modern Virtue Ethics (UPA, 1995) and The Proof of the External World (Wipf and Stock, 2008). "A concise yet rigorous and substantive review of most of the important work that has been done in analytic philosophy of religion during the past half century. It should prove valuable both to the professional philosopher and the student of philosophy. This is a wonderful book!"--Professor Paul Herrick< Less
Reading Philip Larkin: Selected Poems By John Gilroy
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Our best-selling poetry introduction offers a detailed commentary on the poetry of Philip Larkin, exploring the political and cultural contexts which have shaped his contemporary reputation. Part 1,... More > Life and Times, traces Larkin’s early years and follows his development, within his career as a university librarian, into one of the most important and popular voices in twentieth-century poetry. Part 2, Artistic Strategies, explores a range of methodologies and aesthetic influences by which Larkin was empowered to create poetry at once both accessible and profound. Part 3, Reading Larkin, provides detailed critical commentary on many of the poems from his three major collections, The Less Deceived, The Whitsun Weddings and High Windows. Part 4, Reception, outlines the history of Larkin’s reputation from the mid-1950s to the present, examining the debates to which his poetry has given rise. John Gilroy teaches at Anglia Ruskin University and for the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education.< Less
William Wordsworth: Lyrical Ballads (1798) By Richard Gravil
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This book places Wordsworth's revolutionary poetic practice, in Lyrical Ballads, in the context of a revolutionary age. It considers Wordsworth's provocative theories of how poetry should work, and... More > includes a treatment of the famous 'Preface' to Lyrical Ballads, one of the great poetic manifestos. The main part of the book offers illuminating commentary and questions on the poems, designed to encourage readers to accept Wordsworth's invitation to 'wrestle' with the author. A final section discusses contemporary, Victorian and recent critical approaches to Wordsworth and includes an annotated guide to further reading. Richard Gravil's books include Romantic Dialogues: Anglo-American Continuities, 1776-1862 (Palgrave 2000), Wordsworth’s Bardic Vocation, 1787-1842 (Palgrave 2003) And Wordsworth and Helen Maria Williams; or, the Perils of Sensibility (2010), all now available from Lulu. He is also co-editor of the monumental Oxford Handbook of William Wordsworth (2015).< Less
Wordsworth and Helen Maria Williams; or, the Perils of Sensibility By Richard Gravil
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This book examines the connection between William Wordsworth and the work of Helen Maria Williams and the effect this connection may have had on his reception by such hostile critics as Francis... More > Jeffrey. Why did Wordsworth write his first published poem to Helen Maria Williams? What role did she play in forming his views of poetry, and of the French Revolution? Why was Wordsworth able to recite in 1820 a poem by Miss Williams that he first read in 1790? Was his own poetical sensibility comparable with that of the older woman? Did the reception of Wordsworth’s Poems, in Two Volumes by Francis Jeffrey and others —as ‘puerile’, ‘namby-pamby’, ‘lisping’ and ‘affected’ — reflect a belief that manly sense and feminine sensibility, are not compatible? If so, why did Wordsworth run that risk? This little book attempts to suggest answers to some of those questions, and to provoke more systematic considerations of them all, and of Wordsworth's daring reconfiguration of 'manliness'.< Less
The Excursion and The Recluse By William Wordsworth
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In 1798, Coleridge persuaded Wordsworth that it was his destiny to write the first truly philosophical poem, a project Wordsworth dubbed 'The Recluse, or Views of Nature, Man and Society'. It was, as... More > Wordsworth eventually conceived it, to be a poem in three Parts, each of many books. This is the first ever edition of all the poetry intended to form part of the great work. It includes two poems already written in 1798, 'The Old Cumberland Beggar' and 'A Night Piece'; 'Home at Grasmere' (1806), designated 'The Recluse, Part First, Book First'; four other short poems written for 'The Recluse' in 1808 and 1826; and 'The Recluse, Part Second', otherwise known as 'The Excursion' in the text of 1814. (This is the only reading edition of the original text of 'The Excursion'.) The texts included are selected from 'The Poems of William Wordsworth: Collected Reading Texts from the Cornell Wordsworth', edited by Jared Curtis and first published by Humanities-Ebooks in 2009.< Less
Philip Roth through the Lens of Kepesh By Paul McDonald, Samantha Roden
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The Kepesh trilogy spans three decades of Philip Roth’s career, beginning with The Breast in 1972, and continuing with the Professor of Desire in 1977 and The Dying Animal in 2001. This study... More > demonstrates that the trilogy is not only worthy of critical analysis in its own right, but also that an appreciation of its themes and strategies deepens our understanding of his entire fictional enterprise, offering an invaluable perspective on one of the world’s most important novelists. Paul McDonald works at the University of Wolverhampton where he is Senior Lecturer in American Literature, and Course Leader for Creative Writing. Among his other HEB titles are The Philosophy of Humour (2012), and Reading Beloved (2014). Samantha Roden is a Lead Practitioner for English at North East Wolverhampton Academy. She writes educational resources, digital pedagogical guides and conducts national webinars for Cambridge University Press. Her first full collection of poetry, Catch Ourselves in Glass, is forthcoming.< Less
The Convention of Cintra By William Wordsworth
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This 304 page bicentennial critical edition of William Wordsworth's impassioned pamphlet on The Convention of Cintra is based on W J B Owen's scholarly edition, and includes all of Professor Owen's... More > commentary and notes. Wordsworth's essay is not merely one of the classic works about the peninsular war but widely cited as one of the first theorisations of guerrilla warfare. It is also a remarkable revelation of Wordsworth's philosophy of human life, and reveals the reanimation of his youthful radicalism by his shock at the British establishment's betrayal of Spanish and Portuguese patriots. The text is prefaced by a critical colloquium with essays by Simon Bainbridge, David Bromwich, Richard Gravil, Timothy Michael and Patrick Vincent.< Less
Reading Shakespeare's Hamlet By John Lennard
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This book approaches Shakespeare as utterly a man of the theatre, a professional actor before he was a playwright and a resident dramatist who knew intimately the actors for whom he wrote. It... More > continues by ‘Approaching Hamlet’ in that light, and as a revenge tragedy deliberately overloaded with complications. The middle chapters look in detail at the ‘Actors and Players’ of the drama, starting with the Ghost and ending with ‘the best actors in the world’, and at Shakespeare’s favourite ‘Acts and Devices’ as deployed within it. A final chapter considers Hamlet and Twelfth Night, written and premiered in close succession, as an unexpectedly resonant pair, a surprisingly funny revenge tragedy and a surprisingly bleak revenge comedy that for the first audiences would have complemented one another. The annotated Bibliography includes the current major editions of Hamlet, the major film-adaptations, and a selection of both the best criticism and the most useful websites.< Less