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Grasmere 2008 By Richard Gravil
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A selection of thirteen lectures and papers from the 2008 Wordsworth Summer Conference. Contents include four keynote lectures - on Wordsworth and Coleridge by John Beer, on Byron by Angela... More > Esterhammer and Kasahara Yorimichi, and on Harriet Martineau by Anthony John Harding - together with Judith Thompson's 'Bindman Lecture' on John Thelwall. In shorter papers, Monika Class writes on Coleridge and Kant; Laurent Folliot, Mandy Swann, Timothy Michael, Martina Domines Veliki, Patrick Vincent and Yu Xiao on Wordsworth; and Madeleine Callaghan on Shelley. A Feature of the book is five 'new' poems by the famous agitator John Thelwall, transcribed from the recently discovered Derby MS.< Less
Grasmere 2010 By Richard Gravil
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A Selection of lectures and papers from the 40th Anniversary Wordsworth Summer Conference including keynote lectures by Simon Bainbridge, Gary Harrison, Kenneth Johnston, Anthony Harding, Nahoko... More > Miyamoto Alvey and Seamus Perry, and papers by Peter Spratley, James Castell, Saeko Yoshikawa, Daniel Robinson, Erica McAlpine and Fay Yao.< Less
The Prose Works of William Wordsworth Volume 1 By W J B Owen
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Volume 1 of The Prose Works of William Wordsworth, as edited by W J B Owen and Jane W Smyser. This is a print version of the new, searchable, navigable, electronic edition of this standard work.... More > Compared with the original Clarendon edition, this one has two advantages: textual notes are more clearly separated and are columnized; and the existence of editorial commentary is indicated by marginal symbols in the text (in the ebook, of course, these symbols are hyperlinked to the commentary). While colour is used in the preview, as in the ebook, the print in the paperback is black and white. The Contents include Wordsworth's famous poetical manifesto, the 'Preface to Lyrical Ballads', his Jacobinical defence of political terror in 'A Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff; and an impassioned intervention in the peninsular wars, protesting at British betrayal of Portuguese and Spanish allies at the Convention of Cintra.< Less
Laughing at the Darkness: Postmodernism and Optimism in American Humour By Paul McDonald
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Paul McDonald’s book is the second in the Humanities Ebooks Contemporary American Literature Series, edited by Christopher Gair and Aliki Varvogli. Given that postmodernism has been associated... More > with doubt, chaos, relativism and the disappearance of reality, it may appear difficult to reconcile with American optimism. Laughing at the Darkness demonstrates that this is not always the case. In examining the work of, among others, Sherman Alexie, Woody Allen, Douglas Coupland, Jonathan Safran Foer, Bill Hicks, David Mamet, and Philip Roth, McDonald shows how American humourists bring their comedy to bear on some of the negative implications of philosophical postmodernism and, in so doing, explore ways of reclaiming value. Paul McDonald is the author of three other HEB titles, The Philosophy of Humour, Reading Morrison's Beloved, and Reading Heller's Catch-22, all available from Lulu.< Less
Portuguese American Literature By Reinaldo Francisco Silva
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Literature written in English by American writers of Portuguese descent has come of age with the acclaimed work of Frank Gaspar and Katherine Vaz. This study attempts to explore America’s... More > understanding of its ethnic minorities, and the writers’ own ethnic pride and celebration of their roots. It includes a full length analysis of works by Thomas Braga, Julian Silva, Alfred Lewis, Charles Felix and other voices. Born in Portugal in 1961, Reinaldo Francisco Silva emigrated to America in 1967 at age 6, settling in Newark, New Jersey. He has lectured at Rutgers University, New York University, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Seton Hall University, and is currently Assistant Professor of English at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. His book, Representations of the Portuguese in American Literature was published by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth in 2008. This title is available as a PDF ebook from and for libraries from Ebrary, EBSCO and Ingram.< Less
Reading Jean Toomer's 'Cane' By Gerry Carlin
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Jean Toomer’s Cane (1923) is regarded by many as a seminal work in the history of African American writing. It is generally called a novel, but it could more accurately be described as a... More > collection of short stories, poems and dramatic pieces whose stylistic indeterminacy is part of its unique appeal. The ambiguities and seeming oddities of Toomer’s text make Cane a difficult work to understand, which is why this lucid, accessible guide is so valuable. Exploring some of the difficulties that both the writer and his work embody, Gerry Carlin offers an enthralling account of Toomer’s eloquent and exquisite expression of the African American experience. The Author Dr Gerry Carlin is a Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Wolverhampton. He teaches, researches and has published in the areas of modernism, critical theory, and the literature and culture of the 1960s.< Less
The Excursion and The Recluse By William Wordsworth
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In 1798, Coleridge persuaded Wordsworth that it was his destiny to write the first truly philosophical poem, a project Wordsworth dubbed 'The Recluse, or Views of Nature, Man and Society'. It was, as... More > Wordsworth eventually conceived it, to be a poem in three Parts, each of many books. This is the first ever edition of all the poetry intended to form part of the great work. It includes two poems already written in 1798, 'The Old Cumberland Beggar' and 'A Night Piece'; 'Home at Grasmere' (1806), designated 'The Recluse, Part First, Book First'; four other short poems written for 'The Recluse' in 1808 and 1826; and 'The Recluse, Part Second', otherwise known as 'The Excursion' in the text of 1814. (This is the only reading edition of the original text of 'The Excursion'.) The texts included are selected from 'The Poems of William Wordsworth: Collected Reading Texts from the Cornell Wordsworth', edited by Jared Curtis and first published by Humanities-Ebooks in 2009.< Less
Wordsworth's Bardic Vocation, 1787-1842 By Richard Gravil
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Wordsworth’s Bardic Vocation, the most comprehensive critical study of the poet since the 1960s, presents the poet as balladist, sonneteer, minstrel, elegist, prophet of nature, and national... More > bard. The book argues that Wordsworth’s uniquely various oeuvre is unified by his sense of bardic vocation. Like Walt Whitman or the bards of Cumbria, Wordsworth sees himself as 'the people’s remembrancer'. Like them, he sings of nature and endurance, laments the fallen, fosters national independence and liberty. His task is to reconcile in one society 'the living and the dead' and to nurture both 'the people' and 'the kind'. Review Comment: 'This erudite exposition, profligate with its ideas ... succeeds as few others have done in apprehending Wordsworth’s career holistically, incorporating all its diversities and apparent inconsistencies into a unified vision. It justifies fully the notion proposed by Hughes and Heaney that he was England’s last national poet.' — Duncan Wu, Review of English Studies< Less
Shakespeare and the Art of Physiognomy By Sibylle Baumbach
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This book deals with the poetics of the human face, the art of physiognomy, and strategies of nonverbal communication in Shakespeare’s plays. It offers new insight into Shakespeare’s... More > modes of characterisation, and his art of performance. In Shakespeare’s plays, the human face is a focal point. As an area where expression and impression meet (and, ideally, correspond), its reliability and trustworthiness are frequently put to the test, sparking off a controversy which serves as a significant and highly challenging subtext to the overall plot. Professor Baumbach studied at Heidelberg, Cambridge and Munich, and has taught at the universities of Warwick, Giessen, and Stanford. She is now at the University of Innsbruck. Her publications include "'Let me behold thy face'-- Physiognomik und Gesichtslektueren in Shakespeares Tragoedien" (2007), "An Introduction to the Study of Plays and Drama" (as co-author, 2009), and "Literature and Fascination" (2015.< Less
Wordsworth's 'Thanksgiving Ode' in Context By Richard Gravil
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Wordsworth’s ‘Thanksgiving Ode’ expresses the poet’s sentiments on the final outcome of the Napoleonic Wars. It is possibly Wordsworth’s most notorious poem, widely... More > criticized for its alleged bellicosity and for one line in particular, addressed to God: ‘Yea, Carnage is thy Daughter’. Richard Gravil argues that the poem is a strenuous exercise in Christian Thanksgiving, appropriate to the close of two decades of global war. Its tone is reflective and self-searching, not bellicose, as befits a poet who called the Battle of Waterloo ‘a hideous rout’. Its thought is grounded in the Old Testament, as were the numerous sermons preached on the morning of 18 January 1816, a ‘Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving’. The booklet explicates the poem’s demanding argument, and places it alongside a range of sermons offered by the Bishop of London, Anglican vicars, a Canadian rector, a Vicar Apostolic and a Unitarian Minister, united in thanksgiving at the close of what was, in reality, the first World War.< Less