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The Excursion and The Recluse By William Wordsworth
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In 1798, Coleridge persuaded Wordsworth that it was his destiny to write the first truly philosophical poem, a project Wordsworth dubbed 'The Recluse, or Views of Nature, Man and Society'. It was, as... More > Wordsworth eventually conceived it, to be a poem in three Parts, each of many books. This is the first ever edition of all the poetry intended to form part of the great work. It includes two poems already written in 1798, 'The Old Cumberland Beggar' and 'A Night Piece'; 'Home at Grasmere' (1806), designated 'The Recluse, Part First, Book First'; four other short poems written for 'The Recluse' in 1808 and 1826; and 'The Recluse, Part Second', otherwise known as 'The Excursion' in the text of 1814. (This is the only reading edition of the original text of 'The Excursion'.) The texts included are selected from 'The Poems of William Wordsworth: Collected Reading Texts from the Cornell Wordsworth', edited by Jared Curtis and first published by Humanities-Ebooks in 2009.< Less
Wordsworth's 'Thanksgiving Ode' in Context By Richard Gravil
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Wordsworth’s ‘Thanksgiving Ode’ expresses the poet’s sentiments on the final outcome of the Napoleonic Wars. It is possibly Wordsworth’s most notorious poem, widely... More > criticized for its alleged bellicosity and for one line in particular, addressed to God: ‘Yea, Carnage is thy Daughter’. Richard Gravil argues that the poem is a strenuous exercise in Christian Thanksgiving, appropriate to the close of two decades of global war. Its tone is reflective and self-searching, not bellicose, as befits a poet who called the Battle of Waterloo ‘a hideous rout’. Its thought is grounded in the Old Testament, as were the numerous sermons preached on the morning of 18 January 1816, a ‘Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving’. The booklet explicates the poem’s demanding argument, and places it alongside a range of sermons offered by the Bishop of London, Anglican vicars, a Canadian rector, a Vicar Apostolic and a Unitarian Minister, united in thanksgiving at the close of what was, in reality, the first World War.< Less
Shakespeare and the Art of Physiognomy By Sibylle Baumbach
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This book deals with the poetics of the human face, the art of physiognomy, and strategies of nonverbal communication in Shakespeare’s plays. It offers new insight into Shakespeare’s... More > modes of characterisation, and his art of performance. In Shakespeare’s plays, the human face is a focal point. As an area where expression and impression meet (and, ideally, correspond), its reliability and trustworthiness are frequently put to the test, sparking off a controversy which serves as a significant and highly challenging subtext to the overall plot. Professor Baumbach studied at Heidelberg, Cambridge and Munich, and has taught at the universities of Warwick, Giessen, and Stanford. She is now at the University of Innsbruck. Her publications include "'Let me behold thy face'-- Physiognomik und Gesichtslektueren in Shakespeares Tragoedien" (2007), "An Introduction to the Study of Plays and Drama" (as co-author, 2009), and "Literature and Fascination" (2015.< Less
Analytic Philosophy of Religion: Its History Since 1955 By Steven Duncan
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This book is a reconstruction and interpretation of the development of analytic philosophy of religion in Britain and the United States, with special reference to the debate over the existence of God... More > and the problem of evil, during the last fifty years. It discusses Theism and Atheism; Neo-Thomism; The Problem of Religious Language; The Argument from Evil and the Origins of Inductivism; The Inductivist Paradigm; The Ontological, Cosmological Argument and Teleological Arguments; Post-Deductivism; and The Philosophy of Religion Today. Steven M. Duncan’s other publications include A Primer of Modern Virtue Ethics (UPA, 1995) and The Proof of the External World (Wipf and Stock, 2008). "A concise yet rigorous and substantive review of most of the important work that has been done in analytic philosophy of religion during the past half century. It should prove valuable both to the professional philosopher and the student of philosophy. This is a wonderful book!"--Professor Paul Herrick< Less
Contemporary Philosophy of Religion By Steven Duncan
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Among the questions that have exercised philosophers of the last sixty years, that of the existence of God has been one of the most hotly contested. That question is the subject of this book. Its... More > chapters cover: What is the Philosophy of Religion? Three Competing Paradigms in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion; Deductivism (Neo-Thomism, Analytic Philosophy, Analytic Atheism, etc); Inductivism (Mitchell’s Inductivist Proposal, Swinburne’s various arguments, the Future of Inductivism); Post-Deductivism (the Ethics of Belief, The Post-Deductivists on Evil, Plantinga’s Reformed Epistemology, Plantinga and Wolterstorff: Christian Philosophy); and Recent Work on the Traditional Arguments for God’s Existence. "An excellent introduction to the subject area. It offers clear concise coverage of recent developments and is written in an accessible way. Newcomers to the philosophy of religion as well as those with a background in the field would profit from consulting it." -- Sarah Harrison< Less
Vanished Lives: A True Tale of Old Manchester By Alan Richardson
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In 1813, when John and Margaret Richardson arrived in Manchester, it was the world’s first great industrial city. To contemporaries it was an almost frightening spectacle that attracted... More > visitors from every nation on earth. As the years passed, the Richardsons' descendants became part of Disraeli’s “two nations,” the super rich and the working class, their lives marked by stoic endeavours, love affairs, grudges, feuds, tragedies and melodramas. Here we meet thrusting entrepreneurs, black sheep, clowns and heroines, hard-won prosperity and sudden misfortune. Author Alan Richardson qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1963 and pursued a career in veterinary research. He has also taken a serious interest in certain aspects of Roman archaeology and has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers on Roman roads, military camps, forts, surveys and field systems. In 1985 he was awarded the Reginald Taylor Prize by the British Archaeological Association for his work on the Roman penetration of East Cheshire.< Less
The Holocaust: Events, Motives and Legacy By Martyn Housden
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The Holocaust has proved a defining event in German, European and even world history. It has left moral, legal and political legacies which shape the global community we live in today. This text is... More > designed to introduce readers to the most important debates about the event. It discusses the origins and course of the Holocaust, as well as the motives of its perpetrators and the reactions of bystanders and victims alike. In the process, the study makes clear why ‘history’ is not just about the past. Martyn Housden is Reader in History at the University of Bradford. His books include "Hans Frank: Lebensraum and the Holocaust" (Palgrave, 2003),"Hitler: Study of a Revolutionary?" (Routledge, 2000) and "Resistance and Conformity in the Third Reich" (Routledge, 1997). He has written and lectured widely for student audiences. "An excellent introduction to the topic, geared to senor pupils and undergraduates, but also of value to the general reader." History Teaching Review< Less
Romantic Dialogues: Anglo-American Continuities, 1776-1862 By Richard Gravil
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Part 1 of this book examines the English contribution to the 'American Revolution', and the various models of relationship between Britain and America that existed for writers in the 'American... More > Renaissance'. Part 2 considers the politics of James Fenimore Cooper, and the inspirational role of the English Romantics in the thinking of Emerson and the art of Bryant, Thoreau, Hawthorne and Poe, Melville, Whitman and Dickinson. An epilogue explores how Dickinson and Whitman responded to the seductive music of Alfred Lord Tennyson. “How this study is received will say as much about the recovery of serious interest in literary history as about the work’s quality. Learned, rigorous in testing its assertions, mordant and spirited in its expression, Romantic Dialogues makes one wonder how one ever read the American text at all without the British context. …. An extraordinary achievement” —Robert Weisbuch, New England Quarterly< Less
Shakespeare's History Plays: Richard II to Henry V, the Making of a King By C W R D Moseley
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This book, first published by Penguin in 1988, provides an excellent introduction to the world and action of Shakespeare's history plays. Part I examines the context for Shakespeare's history plays,... More > including the a treatment of Elizabethan cosmology and its relevance to political order. Part 2 explores the 'Ricardian' plays, under the following headings: Mirrors of our Fickle State; Hawks and Handsaws: Modes and Genres of the Plays; This Blessed Plot: Husbandry and the Garden; Passing Brave to be a King: Richard II; This Royal Throne of Kings: Henry IV, parts 1 and 2; This Sceptred Isle: Henry V; A Trim Reckoning: Language, Poetics and Rhetoric. This title is also available as a searchable ebook from and for libraries from Ebrary, EBSCO and Ingram. "Interesting, articulate and accessible this is a very good introduction. Ideal for anyone seeking an overview of the plays."--by Tom Wright< Less
History at the End of the World By Mark Levene et al.
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This collection of essays proposes that climate change means serious peril. Our argument, however, is not about the science per se. It is about us, our deep and more recent history, and how we... More > arrived at this calamitous impasse. With contributions from academic activists and independent researchers, History at the End of the World challenges advocates of ‘business as usual’ to think again. But in its wide-ranging assessment of how we transcend the current crisis, it also proposes that the human past could be our most powerful resource in the struggle for survival. Our approaches begin from archaeology, literature, religion, psychology, sociology, philosophy of science, engineering and sustainable development, as well as ‘straight’ history. Mark Levene is Reader in Comparative History at the University of Southampton, Rob Johnson is a historian at All Souls College, Oxford, and Penny Roberts is Associate Professor in History at the University of Warwick.< Less