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Go Thunk Yourself, S'more!

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Go Thunk Yourself, S'more!
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Take your life in your own hands. Dreams CAN become Reality. Those dreams you've always had - they can become reality, easier than you ever imagined. Because life around you has been telling you how hard it is and that you should simply give them up. Fortunately, conventional wisdom can be safely ignored - this means you are free to live life as you choose it. All the happiness, abundance, and great relationships you've always wanted are already there at your fingertips. In this 3rd series of the Go Thunk Yourself books, the simple tools are now all composed into a practical approach to life which allows you to integrate classic self help bestseller techniques into your life, along with the ancient philosophic secrets they only suspected, but have only been uncovered in the last couple of decades. Get ready to have all your dreams come true!
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