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How to Mine Your Own Acres of Diamonds

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How to Mine Your Own Acres of Diamonds
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The true story was a sad one. An African farmer decided to go in search of them. So he sold his farm and lost his life while searching. But the new owner did find them. When crossing a creek one day, he saw a glittering stone and picked it up as a conversation piece for his mantle. A visitor saw it and nearly fainted. It was the largest uncut diamond ever found to date ...and they were literally sitting on acres of diamonds. This story could also be a parable for your own life. Too many of us have untold millions waiting to be mined out of what we already know and in the untapped opportunities that surround us Your success in life depends on being able to see the acres of diamond that surround you. Opportunities are sitting there all around you, just waiting to be picked up, cut, and polished. You can Be and Have anything and everything you truly want. This book is another way you can get there. Scroll up and buy now.
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