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No Mean Feat By Tony Green
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Following on from 'A Jolly Good Show - the Heritage and History of 202 Field Hospital' Vol 2 - 'No Mean Feat' covers the history of 202 Field Hospital during the unit's recent deployment phase from... More > 2003 to 2014. It covers Operation Telic 1 in Iraq in 2003, Operation Herrick 10a in Afghanistan in 2009 and the final tour of a reserve medical unit at Camp Bastion on Operation Herrick 19b in 2014.< Less
The Staircase of the Almighty By Tony Green
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Autumn 1915. On the western front the men of the Kings Own Royal Oxfordshire regiment, still recovering from their losses during the battle of Loos, await reinforcements. For Corporal Bramley... More > the newcomers are men who have been sent unprepared into the madness of war. He knows that he can save some of them if he teaches them quickly but time is a luxury in the front line. For Corporal Chadwick the new men are weapons to fight the enemy with. Men with whom he will be able to avenge the deaths of so many of his old comrades. To the newly arrived Wil Fowler there is much to be learned from both men, but time is short. Already their commanders are planning their next attack and soon, ready or not, they would all have to climb the trench ladders and step forward into the smoke and fire of the next big push.< Less
DOORSTEP By Tony Green
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When Gareth Sutton shot a drug dealer on the doorstep of his squalid home it was the most satisfying thing that he had ever done. The crime was well planned and perfectly executed and to Gareth's... More > mind wasn't really a crime at all. His task completed it is entirely possible that it would all have stopped there. But Gareth had been seen by a witness who had an agenda of his own. Gareth Sutton was about to receive an offer he couldn't refuse.< Less
All Things Nice By Tony Green
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'Pulling the rifle onto his lap he removed the covers which were clipped over each end of the scope sight then, holding the weapon for a moment and getting used to its weight, he moved slowly into a... More > crouching position. He could now see over the wall and down into the precinct below. Pulling the butt of the weapon hard into his shoulder he took up position and waited for his view through the scope to become comfortable. It was now time to make a decision, and a very important one at that.' When a sniper kills two people in the shopping precinct of Yarnington town centre DCI Caroline Brown and her team find themselves hunting a resourceful and motivated killer who seems to have planned his every move. All they have to go on are the letters that he leaves at the scenes of his crimes, letters that suggest he has the high profile wedding of a local celebrity very much on his mind.< Less
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The Heritage and History of 202 Field Hospital