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M. Cheyne Bible Reading Plan By R.M. M’Cheyne (1813-1843)
eBook (PDF): $3.20
M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. Daily Bread, the bible study plan by Scottish preacher Robert Murray M'Cheyne (1813-1843). The layout enables you to read the bible over a year, with daily readings... More > headed Family and Secret (private closet prayer). A month per page view. M’Cheyne: "Let our secret reading prevent the dawning of the day. Let God's voice be the first we hear in the morning. Mark two or three of the richest verses, and pray over every line and word of them."< Less
Odors from Golden Vials By Charles Elbert Orr (1861-?)
eBook (PDF): $1.60
Never will one tear be lost. It is too precious. Diamonds and pearls are mere trifles compared with thy tears. The perfume of a prayer is never lost.
Cultivation of a Devotional Spirit By Hannah More (1745-1833)
eBook (PDF): $1.75
People absorbed in a multitude of secular concerns, decent but unawakened, listen with a kind of respectful insensibility to the overtures of spiritual conviction.
A Cure for Melancholy By Hannah More (1745-1833)
eBook (PDF): $1.75
How those without means may help the poor. Hannah More (1745-1833) was famous for her sixpenny stews and halfpenny printed recipes. Excerpt: He begged his cook might have the recipe, and Mrs. Jones... More > wrote it out for her. She has also been so obliging as to favor me with a copy of all her recipes. And as I hate all monopoly, and see no reason why such cheap, nourishing, and savory dishes should be confined to the parish of Weston, I print them, that all other parishes may have the same advantage. Not only the poor; but all persons with small income may be glad of them. May all who read this account of Mrs. Jones, and who are under the same circumstances, go and do likewise. Two historical poverty patterns are provided by author Dianthe Bells, being the Brefry teapot handle cover, and Chilled to the Bone, a stomach warmer for invalids and those suffering from cold, damp rooms. Notes give a few insights into the daily life of the poor.< Less
How Shall I Study My Bible? By Frederick W. Farr (1918)
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How Shall I Study My Bible? Frederick W. Farr (1918) Theory precedes practice. How could a man ever do anything unless he knows how it ought to be done? We not only have to be taught, we have to be... More > trained. We must learn the theory, we must acquire the practice and knowledge as a means to an end. I shall briefly mention seven conditions under which Bible study may be prosecuted with success. The seven conditions under which Bible study may be pursued: Regeneration Baptism of the Holy Spirit Ravenous appetite Unflagging industry Implicit obedience Reverent humility Ceaseless prayer Includes: Prayer Power By Dr. Frederic W. Farr Dependence on Christ By Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) Secret Prayer Successfully Managed By The Reverend Samuel Lee (1627-1688)< Less