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Pastors and Teachers By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $11.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pastors and Teachers is a Training Manual for students in Kenya, for the Apostolic Training Schools, but the Manual can also be used in other settings. The contents includes the roles and functions... More > of the Pastor and Teacher, and good and bad practices.< Less
The Church By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $7.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Church is a training manual, written for students studying in the Apostolic Training Schools in Kenya, but can be used in a variety of other settings. The Church looks at the mission of the... More > church, it's role and purpose, it's structure and government, new forms of church and how we can transition from the old to the new.< Less
Children's Ministry By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $7.86
Prints in 3-5 business days
Children's Ministry is a training manual, written for students studying in the Apostolic Training Schools for the children's centres and churches they work in, but it may be used in a variety of... More > settings. The contents include children's development and learning styles, child abuse, ministering to children and more.< Less
The Keys of the Kingdom By Ruth Grigg
eBook (ePub): $10.16
This manual was written to help train pastors and leaders in Kenya, but may also be used as a teaching and training manual in any training or church context. This manual focuses on living the... More > Kingdom Life, and using the keys of authority in a powerful and effective way to enhance your spiritual life and walk with God and to enhance ministry. There are 7 keys that unlock those doors... Jesus said, "I give you the keys of the Kingdom.... whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven; whatever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven." Let's learn to use those keys to lock and unlock doors in your spiritual life and in your ministry.< Less
Prophetic Training Ground By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $19.34
Prints in 3-5 business days
Prophetic Training Ground is written for budding prophets and those who want to mature in their gifts and calling. The manual explains the calling of a prophet, prophetic ministry, the role of a... More > prophet and many other aspects of how prophecy works or does not work.< Less
Paperback: $15.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this Manual I look at what we base our Church Foundations on…. Do you remember the parable of the foolish and wise man? One build his house upon the sand and the other upon the... More > rock… we build our churches on the sand, they will soon become unstable and start to sink… if we build them on the solid rock, Jesus, on his principles, then we will become solid. Remember what Jesus said to Peter? “Upon this rock I will building my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her”. (Mat 16:18) Nothing will shake the church that has been properly built, and that has good solid FOUNDATIONS. The Manual looks at the purpose of the church, our doctrines and the roles and functions of the church, and also looks at the Foundations for our Christian Lives. It will challenge any old, shaky foundations and build new solid Foundations.< Less
Discipleship Training Handbook By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $22.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Discipleship Training Handbook was written for House group leaders who want to disciple new and young Christians in the faith. Topics include Salvation and Restoration, Baptism in Water, Worship... More > and Prayer, What is the Church? Kingdom Living, The Bible, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, Basic Doctrines and Becoming Mature. Each topic is intended to be approached slowly, at the pace of the learners and each section is broken down into topics and sub-topics. The Leader needs to take one small section at a time to make it digestible for the learners. This is an easy to follow and a useful tool in discipling new Christians.< Less
Apostolic Foundations By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $12.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
I have recently been trained and ordained into Prophetic Office and ministry, and from here, I believe I am stepping into Apostolic ministry as the Lord has laid visions and a calling on my heart to... More > establish apostolic training schools in Africa and India and also here in the U.K. I have been on a long learning journey and I am still on this journey and will be until the day I am with Jesus. In this training Manual, besides my own understanding of the Apostle and apostolic ministry, I am drawing on other people’s who are more mature in this field, to bring you the best possible access to training you can get. Whatever I have I will share with you. The chapters cover: Do Apostles exists? Call, preparation and training, Apostolic Office: role, functions and ministry, mandates and mantels, Apostolic Types, False Apostles and Apostolic Churches. I pray the Manual will help you grow in your gifts, calling and ministry.< Less
GOING OUT.... By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $14.13
Prints in 3-5 business days
This training manual on missions, is written from the heart, and from both experience and on-the-field training, including spiritual insights, personal experiences and some general guidelines for... More > mission and evangelism work. My own mother was well-traveled Evangelist, and I spent some time traveling in the UK with her and ministering with her. She taught me by example how to preach and teach in a way that is simple to follow, and she taught me by example, how to be bold to “Go Out” into the streets and further a-field. Since then I have been on short trips to Kenya and Uganda, enjoying ministering to children and youth, widows, pastors and leaders and others, teaching them in the same simple way that I was taught; and it is not just simple, it is simply profound. May you enjoy the insights shared and may it bless, encourage and strengthen you as you GO OUT also.< Less
Parenting and Working with Children By Ruth Grigg
Paperback: $12.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
This manual was written as a teaching tool to help pastors, children's workers, and those in ministry with children. It is written from experience and also contains modern theory and practice. It... More > covers many topics, such as child development and parenting, children's health, the basis of learning, behaviour management, child abuse, ministering to sick and damaged children, children's spiritual development and children's centres. The Appendix contains development charts and information on HIV & AIDS, and children's rights. I have worked with children for many years, in different settings, and have a BA Honours degree and Early Years Professional Status. I pray the manual will be a useful tool in the hands of those who use it to work with children and youth.< Less