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Maximize Your Mental Potential: A powerful program to develop visualization, concentration and memory. By Rafael Villate
eBook (PDF): $6.80
Your problem solving ability and creativity in any field of art or knowledge rest on your faculties of visualization, concentration and memory. In a fundamental way, these define your mental... More > potential, setting modest limits or opening the gates to success. In this book you will find the specific instruction you need to expand dramatically your mental frontiers. It gives you the information to understand these three faculties. Each one of them is explored separately and their interrelationships are acknowledged. From this analysis springs a unified development program that strengthens concentration and memory as it expands your ability to create and manipulate mental images. PDF. 171 pages. 3 Mb. Visit our web site for more information: HERE< Less
Progressive exercises to improve visualization, concentration and memory By Rafael Villate
eBook (PDF): $4.80
Along with concentration and memory, your ability to work with mental images is of great value to your performance in intellectual and artistic fields. This book fulfills the need for a gradual... More > program to develop these three faculties at the same time. From the first exercises you will experience a transformation in your mental attitude and ability that you would never have thought possible. Each step is carefully designed so you can advance rapidly and with maximum benefit. Most of the exercises have been taken from our previous publication "Maximize your mental potential", chapter 8. Two new chapters have been added at the beginning in order to give more detailed instructions and to include additional initial figures. PDF. 62 pages. 2 Mb. For more information CLICK HERE< Less