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The Daemons By Matt Barber
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In this, the 26th Black Archive, Matt Barber considers THE DAEMONS, in some ways an outlier in Doctor Who, while in others being some viewers conception of the ideal Who story.
Doctor Who (1996) By Paul Driscoll
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Book 25 in the Black Archive takes a critical (but appreciative) look at unfairly criticised story, the 1996 TV Movie.
The Time Warrior By Matthew Kilburn
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Book 24 in the Black Archive, a series of monographs examining individual stories from the world of Doctor Who. Matthew Kilburn uses an early unpublished draft of the Time Warrior to investigate... More > Robert Holmes' classic Third Doctor tale, in which we meet both Sarah Jane Smith and the Sontarans for the first time.< Less
The Curse of Fenric By Una McCormack
Paperback: $8.54
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Book 23 in the Black Archive, a series of book length monographs considering individual Doctor Who stories.
Tales of the Civil War By Philip Purser-Hallard
Paperback: $15.64
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War (and death) has come to the City of the Saved... The Tale of Sir Hedwyn - Kara Dennison The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again - Kelly Hale The Queen of Clubs - Louise Sellers To... More > Die by the Sword - Helen Angove Just Passing Through - Juliet Kemp Angels on a Hoverbike - Selina Lock Interlude from a Civil War - Philip Purser-Hallard< Less
Paperback: $21.52
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SECOND EDITION - NEWLY UPDATED With extensive access to the Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire archives, and interviews with associates and members of the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop, this book... More > contains all you need to know about the innovative and experimental geniuses who were responsible for a golden age of electronic music in Britain and some of the most famous sounds to be heard on UK television. From the formative years before the Workshop was established right up to its dissolution in the late 90s, and unlikely rebirth today, all the history is here. Not only that, but author Ned Netherwood also provides the first ever in depth guide to the discography of the Radiophonic Workshop and its members - updated in this second edition to July 2018. Whether you are a Doctor Who fan who loves the theme tune, an experimental music enthusiast with an ear for abstract sound or an obsessive record collector, there is something for you here.< Less
Hell Bent By Alyssa Franke
Paperback: $7.90
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Hell Bent (2015) is a story that twists our expectations. Grand villains are reintroduced and then quickly discarded. The Doctor shifts from a heroic figure to an anti-hero. And a familiar scenario... More > between the Doctor and a dying companion plays out with radically different results. This is a story that explores and challenges some of the Doctor’s most paternalistic, controlling behaviours. The companion departs with an origin story equal to the Doctor’s. And with a Time Lord’s on-screen regeneration from a white man into a black woman, the path to Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the Doctor became even clearer.< Less
Against Nature By L Burton
Paperback: $28.62
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"You will make war with the beast of the city, and the people will be grateful, and in this way will your fame be fortified." Every fifty-two years, the God Xiuhtecuhtli – incarnate... More > for the purpose as a young Mexica male – would give himself in sacrifice in order that the universe should be renewed and the passage of time would continue as it had done before. Those born to other cultures and other eras might be forgiven for their failure to appreciate this great and selfless act. It was therefore strange that such a profound understanding should arise in one so far removed from the heart of this world, both veteran and victim of the terrible, endless war in heaven, a man the Mexica knew briefly as Coahualxiu bearing a death wish the size of creation…< Less
Heaven Sent By Kara Dennison
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‘I’m not scared of Hell – it’s just Heaven for bad people.’ Nine series into its 21st-century run, Doctor Who made history with Steven Moffat’s Heaven Sent... More > (2015). It was the show’s first single-hander, and the first ever to be shortlisted for an Emmy Award. Beyond that, it took Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor on a journey of self-discovery through a bespoke torture chamber, covering billions of years and the depth of a diamond wall. But Heaven Sent is more than just the Doctor’s own puzzle-box: it also serves as a decoder ring, allowing us deeper insight into both the Time Lord who fled Gallifrey and the persona of ‘the Doctor’ he adopted for himself. With a toolbox containing everything from Jungian psychology to video game design, this Black Archive (the second of three covering the final episodes of the 2015 season) seeks to take apart the Doctor’s Confession Dial and discover what he’s been hiding from his audience – and himself – for all these years.< Less
Tales of the City By Philip Purser-Hallard
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Beyond the end of the universe exists a city the size of a galaxy, packed with every human being that ever lived, from the first Australopithecus to the last posthuman, resurrected in a city in which... More > nobody can die…or rather, that used to be the case. The first ever City of the Saved short story collection, edited by the man who created it for the Faction Paradox Book of the War, Philip Purser-Hallard.< Less