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Wolf in Shadow: Wulfharan Series Book III By Sarah Downing
eBook (ePub): $3.81
War-King Elam is dead. Or that is what his enemies want his companions to think. Stuffed into a box, transported across the country, all Elam knows is that he is to be delivered to some unknown... More > buyer, his continuing existence a threat to his beloved homeland. Haunted by his death, Coiran is grateful for the distraction when she is asked to assist in the investigation of several unsolved murders. But when she hears Elam calling from the city harbour, Coiran decides to do anything to find him. Even follow him to Roscara, where she is a wanted fugitive with a price on her head. Yet Roscara is in turmoil, plagued by drought and earthquakes. Can Coiran find him before Elam is broken in mind and body and Roscara burns?< Less
Weft of Crimson By Sarah Downing
eBook (ePub): $3.76
Tamaran mercenaries have guarded the kings and queens of Mocene for the last two hundred years. When they allow an assassin close to Elam and his brother during a banquet, Elam is finally able to... More > convince his brother of the threat they pose. A simple mission to return the Tamarans to their border is complicated somewhat by the presence of Moceni noblemen and their daughters intent on pressuring Elam into a marriage contract. With their plans to infiltrate Mocene thwarted, the Taramans initiate a brutal attack. Taken prisoner by a pack of varwulfs, Coiran must use all of her abilities if she is going to escape in time to protect Elam as he attempts to storm an occupied burh to rescue his brother.< Less
Bound: Wulfharan Series Book 1 By Sarah Downing
eBook (ePub): $0.00
When the ship she is travelling on is caught in a storm, former slave-girl Coiran finds herself being offered up by the crew in sacrifice to the sea god. Hunted by temple constables and the... More > ship’s captain who tried to sacrifice her, Coiran finds sanctuary in the household of former crown prince Elam Kelshall. Yet her new-found safety is short-lived when someone starts killing off the royal family. Forced to make a pact with the god of violent death, can Coiran use her newly discovered heritage as the last living wulfharan to save her own life and that of the prince who is beginning to win her heart?< Less