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Jazz Guitar Handbook

eBook (PDF), 97 Pages
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Jazz Guitar Handbook
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This is a FREE reference source and study book for intermediate to advanced guitar players and/or teachers with a strong emphasis on Jazz Theory and stylings. It contains Chord Diagrams for all the most commonly used voicings plus many of the more advanced modern voicings. The chords are presented in a manner that allows them to be most easily integrated into actual playing (unlike Chord "Encyclopedias"). Chord Substitutions are covered and more importantly the underlying theory is explained. Special sections deal with playing on Altered Dominant Chords. There are many Scales and Fingerings as well as many ideas and exercises to expand your musical thinking.Standard musical notation is used throughout the book. I have been playing and teaching guitar for forty years and this is the book I would have liked to have used after my first 5 years of learning to play. These pages started out as student lessons for advancing players and evolved into the Jazz Guitar Handbook.
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