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The Dance of Lovers - Hot Tub Diaries Vol. 1 By Zyawna
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Zyawna - A new voice in Adult Literature I cordially invite you to journey with me to a distance place, where the stress of the day will melt away and become nothing more than a vague memory; here,... More > take my hand. Open your mind and allow your primal urges to transform your beliefs, and strip away all caution, pretense, and innocence. Trust in me, and I will guide you effortlessly through the pages. Believe in me, and I will teach you the intricate steps to a dance that was choreographed at the beginning of time; the Dance of Lovers.< Less
Susan's Brain - My Funny Bone Has No Wenus By S.D. Ferrell
Paperback: $8.44
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THE OTHER GREY BOOK Wrinkled, a little rough around the edges, and yes, there is sex in this one too! (Well, it’s implied) I am a woman I am a senior (Excuse me! I gagged a little when I... More > wrote that) I am single I am odd And I am a creative writer The perfect recipe to poke some fun at myself, men, and life in general!< Less
The Valley Time Forgot - The Whipple Wash Chronicles By S.D. Ferrell
Paperback: $12.17
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War is coming and the fate of the world is left in the hands of the unlikeliest of heroes. After fleeing for his life from Lord Canvil and his army the Venom Horde, Jasper finds himself stranded in... More > an enchanted valley with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He meets other beings that have their own ideals of who is friend, who is foe and what side of the impending war they will choose to find on. Join Jasper on his harrowing adventure through the valley that time forgot.< Less
The Shadow of Erebos - The Whipple wash Chronicles By S.D. Ferrell
Paperback: $16.78
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Unrest has entered the hearts of men. When it is left to fester, Chaos will soon follow. While Jasper finds his way home The Whipple Wash Fairies, five sisters preordained to unite the Southern... More > Kingdoms, are thrust into combat training. But a spy has infiltrated Elsbrier, the stronghold of the Southern Kingdoms. He will stop at nothing, even death, to ensure that the sisters never complete their training. Follow Zee, Ashlina, Enna, Mariela and Shanata as they master sword fighting and battle strategies, learn to ride an avidraught and harness special powers that will assist them on their journey.< Less
The Hero Within - The Whipple Wash Chronicles By S.D. Ferrell
Paperback: $11.95
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No one ever believes they have the courage to overcome insurmountable odds until fate gives them no other choice. In a strange turn of events Zee and her sisters must escort Jasper to Bridge Camyrn... More > before completing their mission. The fate of the Southern Kingdoms depends on it, but death and mayhem shadow their every step. Lord Canvil's influence has grown and friends betray each other to win his favour. Despite all this the fairies bravery intensives. With their band of unlikely allies they march towards war with a new sense of hope and determination. Will it be enough however to turn Canvil's imminent victory into theirs?< Less