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The Life and Influence of St. Jerome By Edward Cutts Augustin Largent
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JEROME, though one of the four "great" doctors of the Church, seems never to have been an object of any very tender personal devotion as other saints have been, his appeal being more... More > directly to the head than to the heart. His sanctity and austerity is of the kind that awes rather than attracts, and is provocative of admiration rather than of imitation. For this reason he has been looked at with cool, temperate eyes; and since, moreover, he has so fully written himself down for us, there is little difficulty in discerning the broad outlines of his personality. Presented in this work is an overview of his life, works, doctrine and respective contribution to Christianity. He is most notably remembered and regarded as the translator of the Scriptures in to Latin. Jerome indeed is one who like Augustine stands at the doorway from the Apostolic area and that of era of the Councils which shall impact and shape the Christian doctrine as we know it today.< Less
Catena Aurea By Thomas Aquinas
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This is volume two of a five volume effort, by one of History’s greatest commentator's on the Gospels. This work is written for one who does have a fluid knowledge of philosophy, not alone... More > Thomas Aquinas. What this accomplishes is to provide a modern version of the Catena Aurea in today's verbiage and related issues, while in keeping with the flow and content of the original. It is not hard to admire St. Thomas Aquinas immovably caught in the splendor of a stained-glass window; it is easy to pay tribute to his Summa Theologica as long as it remains high on a bookshelf giving character to a library. Under these circumstances, we of the twenty first century can read about them both, talk about them enthusiastically, but pretty much leave them both alone. Aquinas is one who regardless of your placement on your spiritual journey. Aquinas is the basis for so much of what we have come to regard as dogma. This work is essential to not only understanding Aquinas’s other works, but also our own journey.< Less
The Mabillon Collection By Bernard of Clairvaux
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Assembled in this volume are his sermons on the Song of Song, which are in chronological order addressed to various personnel. This is book four of four. It is hard to know how to characterize... More > Bernard of Clairvaux. On the one hand, he is called the “honey-tongued doctor” for his eloquent writings on the love of God. On the other hand, he rallied soldiers to kill Muslims during the Crusades. He wrote eloquently on humility; then again, he loved being close to the seat of power and was an adviser to five popes. He is well regarded as the last of the Church Fathers & one of the great mystics. What Bernard is remembered for today, more than his reforming zeal and crusade preaching is his mystical writings. His best-known work is "On Loving God". What is clear is this: 400 years after his death, he was still widely quoted by Catholics and Protestants, both of whom claimed his support. Today his works remain even more relevant< Less
Grammar of Ascent By John H. Newman
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This work serves as an introduction or initiation to the spiritual life so that the intellect may give its full assent to what it knows to be true. This book provides the first critical edition of... More > John Henry Newman’s classic work, A Grammar of Assent. Newman explains how the human mind proceeds in matters of inference, assent and certitude, and how the faculty of judgment (for Newman, the “illative sense”) ranges over a far greater diversity and quantity of different kinds of evidence than can ever be produced by logic or science, and so brings us through doubt to certainty on the vast majority of human questions, which both logic and experiment are singularly ill-suited to address. Full use has been made of the manuscript drafts and all available philosophical notebooks and papers. This is a must read for those who dig and delve within philosophy and theology.< Less
The Tripartite Nature of Man By John B. Heard
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Man a Trinity (Spirit, Soul, Body) Man is made in the image of God. It's a single step from this to say with Augustine, “Man has three parts—spirit, soul, and body. Man, therefore, is an... More > image of the sacred Trinity.” “ The Christian doctrine of immortality cannot be understood apart from the right conception of the tripartite nature of men. Many think that man is a physical being only. In his desire to satisfy the needs of the body there is the tendency on man’s part to lose sight of the fact that he is immortal. There is an idea also that prevails largely today that man consists of only two component parts: namely, body and spirit. In the thinking of the writer this view appears to be one that might create confusion in the minds of any Christians. While soul and spirit are so closely related that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish accurately between them, there seems to be only one logical conclusion: namely, that “soul” and “spirit” are not the same.< Less
The Selected Works of S. Louismet Bk. 1 By Savinien Louismet, O.S.B.
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In the life of “Spiritual Pilgrim” what strikes one particularly is how each manifestation of God is so marvelous that it throws in the shade or blots out entirely all those that preceded... More > it. They are at a loss to express their admiration of this effect of God’s love. Something similar to this takes place in the mystic soul. It is as though God presented one aspect of His Divine Goodness to them and then withdrew it, saying, “Not this, it is not this”, and then another aspect, and withdrew it also, saying again, “No, not this, it is not this.” We have grown indeed, but in worldly wisdom, and the unquestioning and undivided love we vowed to God when we were little has been scattered to the winds. We found it would cost us a great effort, and a life-long one, to love God as we should, to keep on loving Him, thus, we compromised the matter. In reality, what takes place is this: God is working that precious material, the mystic soul, He is pressing from inside, extending its boundaries of mystical knowledge.< Less
The Collected Works By Carlo Quadrupani
eBook (ePub): $18.95
If you are well versed in La Salle, Fenelon, and Thomas de Kempis, you will be both entertained and enlightened by these and numerous other spiritual writers. Seated among these writers Carlo... More > Quadrupani lays out a schema and provides a manual whereby the reader may recollect and advance along the spiritual path, which these spiritual masters and others have placed their respective mile- markers. This work is both a devotional and a spiritual guide, much like combining Imitation of Christ and Introduction to a Devout Life, Quadrupani within the two works presented in this book, Light and Peace followed on by The Instructed Christian, provides a viable Segway for the spiritual sojourner. This is much like what St. John of the Cross does with his two initial works Ascent and A Dark Night, for those who are far along this same path. This particular work has been carefully edited and providing numerous additional end-notes to facilitate the reader. A must read for those needing spiritual guidance!< Less
The Science of the Spiritul Life By Francis Neumayr S.J.
eBook (ePub): $18.95
Ascetical Theology is a supernatural science, which leads the soul to the highest perfection of which it is capable in this life. I proposed three objects to myself. I was anxious to provide for... More > those candidates for perfection who are without a director, and yet wish to advance in perfection, a small volume, not very expensive, which should contain such a synopsis of ascetical theology that it might take the place of a whole library if read frequently and with sufficient application of understanding and will. This is because I write for both faculties — for the understanding, that a correct idea of solid ascetical theology may be formed from the order and connection of the truths proposed, and all false ideas banished, which not infrequently may be traced to a confused or disorderly course of instruction. This is because the will, that it may be practically guided by the shortest way to the use of that art and science, without which other arts and sciences, only puff up and injure the soul.< Less
History of Dogma Vol. 1 By Adolf Harnack
eBook (ePub): $18.95
In this work, the origin and development of Christian dogma, which is understood to be the authoritative system of Christian doctrine that had formed by the 4th century A.D. In the present work,... More > (Vol. 1) is to explain fully how the doctrine of the Church developed the doctrine of the Trinity and of the two natures. Also shown is the imperfect beginnings of Church doctrine, especially as they appear in the Logos theory derived from cosmology, were subjected to wholesome corrections — by the Monarchians, by Athanasius, and by the influence of biblical passages, which pointed in another direction. Nor could the Hellenic contrast of “spirit” and “flesh” become completely developed in Christianity, because the belief in the bodily resurrection of Christ, and in the admission of the flesh into heaven, opposed to the principle of dualism a barrier which Paul as yet neither knew nor felt to be necessary. The resurrection of the flesh shattered the energetic attempts Hellenic complexion to the Christian religion.< Less
Christ In the Soul By Thomas Upham
eBook (ePub): $16.95
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“Christ in the Soul” is a form of expression, which is often employed to indicate the fact of the existence, or at least of the possibility of the existence, in the human soul, of pure,... More > holy, Christ-like dispositions. It indicates something more than forgiveness, which is a work done for us, rather than something done in us. It is not enough, as a portion of our personal Christian history, to know what it is to have our transgressions blotted out, — in other words, to experience the pardon of past delinquencies and sins. There is something more. It is necessary, beyond and above this, to become the subjects also, by inward personal experience, of what may properly be expected as the fruits of forgiveness, — such as meekness, purity, a disposition to forgive, long-suffering, love, and of any and all other graces which shone conspicuously in the life of Christ.< Less