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At the Speed of BELIEFS By Lori L Mitchell
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We have no manual for our times! You are about to go on your own philosophical and spiritual ride in this book. Today our greatest need is to be open to new possibilities and transcend old structures... More > of beliefs. Those who are finally awakening to the enormity of the world’s problems are becoming overwhelmed with doom and gloom. Denying reality allows the world to continue to form your life and manipulate your future. There are answers, and they come from your beliefs. We live in a maze of our repetitive thoughts and we have become trapped in dead end loops created by unquestioned beliefs. Whether they are group beliefs or individual choices made long ago, they keep playing in the background of our habits and reactions. To break free, we must get out of the maze of beliefs. •Includes the SpeedShifting™ technique to remove the triggers of beliefs. Unknown, bright new possibilities and powerful new futures can be born and then your life can unfold at the speed of your beliefs.< Less
SPEED Manifesting: The Method By Lori Mitchell
Paperback: $12.72
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Lori Mitchell lives in a beach paradise. It wasn't always like this. It started the day she stumbled upon some key wisdom and found the missing steps that changed her life. Her understanding and... More > results went from darkness to light in one hour. Earlier that day, Lori realized that her life HAD to change. She found herself looking at her empty fridge. It was Wednesday, and payday wasn't until Friday. She wondered where the money for groceries could possibly come from? Then came the miracle of knowledge. She knew many of the steps to success, but finally discovered the missing steps to manifesting fast. When you practice these simple 7 Steps, you know how to turn your life around immediately. This is the manifesting book that teaches manifesting abundance fast.< Less