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Dreaming of a Better World By Dr. Roy C. Starr, PhD IM
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All the current philosophies have failed and trying a philosophical theory or system of governing that has failed over and over again to achieve peace, equality,human rights, physical security, and... More > social security, is the very definition of insanity. There is a better, less expensive, and more efficient way of operating a government. Existing problems which seem to never be fixed for a myriad of reasons can be remedied automatically in the new Constitution. Abortion, Family Planning, Overpopulation, Gun Violence, The Draft, Capital Punishment, Women and Minority Rights, Immigration, Drug Wars and Abuse, Organized Crime, Poverty, Healthcare, Tax Complications, Defense Spending, Gun Control, Union Busting, Wage Discrimination, Education Expenses, Foreign Trade, Consumer Credit, Usury,Market Gambling, Climate Change, Pollution, Food Safety Issues, Corporate Greed, Assisted Suicide, Polygamy, Citizenship, Voting Rights, Corruption, Martial Rights, Adoption, and others are addressed and given permanent fixes.< Less
Constitution of The People's Elysian Existence By Dr. Roy Starr, PhD
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A Constitution is a blueprint for any society; especially a new one. In order to build anything complex and substantial you need a plan. A plan that is more than a scribbling on a cocktail napkin. It... More > is one thing to profess an idea or philosophical theory but another to actually build it. A constitution is the specifications of how that idea is to be constructed and maintained. It is a boundary document used to keep a society from straying away from the principles it was founded on. The better the boundaries are clearly defined the easier it will keep society from contorting it.< Less
Constitution of the People's Elysian Existence By Dr. Roy C. Starr, PhD iM
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The constitution is of ‘The People’s Elysian Existence’. Elysian is another word for heavenly, paradisal, paradisiacal, celestial or divine. Existence is a ... More > state of living, having objective reality o r c o n t i n u e d s u r v i v a l . Together it is the people’s heavenly continued survival. A fitting name for what this constitution is designed to create. It was constituted to solve social and economic problems such as over population, corporate greed, discrimination, poverty, wage discrimination, corruption in government, immigration issues, environmental degradation, animal abuse, gun violence, illiteracy, healthcare deficiencies, and unresponsive representation. Primarily designed as a blueprint for the current and future generations, this constitution is hope and a chance for the planet and the human species survival.< Less
How You Live 1 Day After Forever By Dr. Roy C. Starr, PhD iM
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This book contains the secrets to living forever in good health without disease. Living forever without the fear of withering away, losing mobility, becoming a burden to others, forgetting who you... More > are, where you live, or forgetting those you love. This book will tell you how to get healthy, become slim and fit, mentally sharp, self-reliant, and be a productive member of society. Death is not a certain once you understand the secrets known by the immortals among us. I am living like an immortal and you can also be living like an immortal. I want to share with you one of the best kept secrets on the planet given to me by “1251” (an immortal) who walked into my office one day. You do not need to be wealthy, privileged, or chosen to become an immortal. You only need to be open to the idea of change and get to know how to manage your body, mind, and spirit. This book concentrates on the physical aspect of immortal living and details the diet changes you need to make to get healthy, stay healthy, and live forever.< Less
How You Live 1 Day After Forever By Dr. Roy C. Starr, PhD iM
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This is the first book in a series of books telling of the secrets of immortality. Immortally or living forever in the body you were born with has been one of the best kept secrets for hundreds of... More > years. This first book of a series deals with how living forever is physically possible. It explains the how and why the body functions and what it needs to renew itself indefinitely. It explains “The Immortal Diet” requirements to get healthy, stay healthy, and live forever. A diet that is easy to follow, inexpensive, safe, without side-effects, slimming, and environmentally conscious. All ages can thrive on this diet. The author reveals the answers to many questions about what the human body needs to perform disease free and how to keep it running like a fine tuned engine. If you would like to know what it takes to have long lasting good health, to make the necessary changes, and to take back your power to control your health, then this book is for you.< Less
Wakeup & Live The Future:Immortals For A New Society By Dr. Roy C. Starr, PhD iM
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Immortalist philosophy is purposefully designed to replace any failed or failing deathist philosophy. No nation is too big to fail. Failing the planet is not what any sane person would like to see... More > happen. The planet is too big to allow to fail. No one can design the future of a society without changing how we think. It is the job of a philosopher to analyze how we are thinking, then coming up with a solution to problems we all seem to be mired in and finally presenting a philosophy to generate change. This book is about changing one fundamental way of how a person thinks about death. Instead of thinking and acting like a mortal, start thinking and acting like an immortal. Immortals must learn how to live in the same body forever. The author creates the blueprint for a society of immortals and defines it as an immortocracy. A constitution of The People's Elysian Existence is contained in the book that addresses the current problems facing governments throughout the world.< Less