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2012 Anniversary Edition of The Treasure in Silver-Lake (Includes Research) By K May / M Bugmann
Paperback: $15.44
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Old Firehand, Aunty Droll, Black Tom and the engineer Butler head west on the Arkansas paddle steamer; Winnetou joins them at Eagle Tail where he and his friends foil the outlaws' planned attack on... More > the railroad; Old Shatterhand is riding towards the Elk Mountains when he is captured by the Utah; but he escapes and meets his old friends again. The blood brothers Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, in the company of the other famous Westerners, then continue their journey and head up into the higher altitudes of the Rocky Mountains towards the mystical Silver-Lake ... and its treasure. ~~~ Contains details of Old Shatterhand's 'magic' rifle, and the 'location' of Silver-Lake. Chapter 'Research' made available under Creative Commons conditions.< Less
The Rodriganda Romances - Adaptation of 'Das Waldroeschen' By K May / M Bugmann
Hardcover: $29.62
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Hardcover, blue linen, gold lettering. The young German doctor, Karl Sternau, falls in love with the Spanish duchess, Rosa de Rodriganda. He rushes to Spain when he receives a letter from Rosa,... More > pleading for his help. Soon, Sternau is deeply involved in the affairs of the Rodriganda family. The villainous Cortejo brothers are implementing plans to kill Rosa and her father, as well as her brother in order to seize the wealthy Rodriganda estates in both Spain and Mexico. Dr Sternau resolves to ruin those plans, and to apprehend the villains, which will take him on an odyssey from Spain to Germany, the North Atlantic, South Africa, the West Indies, Mexico, the South Pacific, North Africa, and back to Mexico where he, at last, is able to bring the villains to justice.< Less
The Travels of Winnetou & Shatterhand (Adaptation of Satan & Jsharioth) By K May / M Bugmann
Hardcover: $29.65
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Hardcover, blue linen, gold lettering. This is the first-ever publishing of Karl May’s novel 'Satan und Jsharioth' in its originally intended two-part format (May wrote it as a two-part work;... More > it was published as a trilogy). 'The Travels of Winnetou & Shatterhand' contains an abstract reconstruction of the lost romance; the two parts are titled 'The Rock Fortress' and 'Krueger Bey, Ruler of Multitudes'. 'Satan und Jsharioth' was Karl May’s first Wild West travel fiction work that spanned more than one volume. It is also the only work that combines a story of the Wild West with a story of the Orient, incorporating both of his guises as Old Shatterhand and Kara ben Nemsi. It features the Apache chief Winnetou in the Orient. ~ A Hunt for Three Evil Men ~ A Lost Romance ~ A Treacherous Temptress ~ A Stolen Fortune.< Less
Winnetou-Book 4 (Expanded Edition) By K May / M Bugmann
Hardcover: $20.89
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Hardcover, blue linen, gold lettering. 100th Anniversary edition (of first publication 1910) containing expanded text (in hardcover only) giving the translator's idea of 'Winnetou's Testament', a... More > multi-novel work promised by Karl May to his readers after completing this volume of the 'Winnetou' epic; alas, May passed on befor he could even begin to jot down ideas, and his readers were left wondering. The translator has placed her version of the ‘testament’ in the 'Passiflora Room' of this novel, where the aged Old Shatterhand read out his Apache friend's testament. ~ Plot: When Old Shatterhand receives invitation letters to a powwow at Mount Winnetou, he is tempted to think that someone is having some fun at his expense; when shortly thereafter a mysterious American with a nugget as large as a pigeon egg on his fob chain visits him, his mind is made up - Old Shatterhand travels into the Wild West one last time where, unexpectedly, he unearths a secret that has been waiting to be discovered for thirty years.< Less
Old Surehand (2 Vol) By K May / M Bugmann
Hardcover: $24.90
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Hardcover, blue linen, gold lettering. A note from his blood brother Winnetou calls Old Shatterhand to the desolate Llano Estacado. The Comanche are on the warpath and with hundreds of warriors plan... More > to attack Bloody Fox’ secret oasis hideaway in the desert. En route to the desert, Old Surehand joins them and when the cactus trap falls shut behind the enemy Indians, Old Surehand and Apanatshka meet…< Less
From the Rio de la Plata to the Cordilleras By K May / M Bugmann
Hardcover: $24.86
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Hardcover, blue linen, gold lettering. From The Rio De La Plata To The Cordilleras (Translation of 'El Sendador' ~ 2-volume edition). When Charley arrives in Montevideo he receives a visit by a... More > peculiar gentleman. The country is in turmoil and a rebellion is in the making. He comes face to face with Lopez Jordan after having been ambushed and dragged in fetters to the head quarters of the feared usurper. Charley faces execution but outsmarts Lopez Jordan's army of rebels. Later, he and his friends become separated in the Gran Chaco during an attack by a group of hostile Mbocovi. Together with the only remaining comrade, he unlocks the secret of the old desierto and frees his friends from the Isleta del Circulo, a prison island in the middle of an alligator-infested swamp. Then, once more they pick up the trail of the Peruvian treasures and head into the Bolivian Andes to hunt down the evil el sendador - the final confrontation at the Pampa de Salinas has yet one more surprise in store for Charley.< Less
Complete Winnetou Trilogy By K May / M Bugmann
Hardcover: $29.40
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Hardcover, blue linen, gold lettering. ~~February 2013 revision~~ Complete Winnetou Trilogy - 3-volume edition. The adventures of Old Shatterhand, the young German adventurer, and Winnetou, the young... More > Apache chief. During his first journey into the Wild West, a young greenhorn—Karl May, the adventurer—meets a young Apache, called Winnetou, while performing his job as a railroad surveyor in the Wild West. The first encounter is not at all amicable and during a violent Indian attack, the young German is near-fatally wounded. He is taken to the Apache pueblo to be nursed back to health, destined to die by torture at the stake…< Less
Out Of Vandaemonia - Winnetou & Shatterhand in Australia By Marlies Bugmann
Paperback: $10.76
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When Hobble-Frank goes missing in the Australian Outback, Winnetou and Old Shatterhand embark upon an epic journey to the center of the red desert to rescue their old friend. ~ This novel contains... More > the black and white versions of the chapter illustrations (plates). Facebook Twitter Digg Reddit StumbleUpon< Less
Josiah Gregg and the Story of the 'Magic' Rifle - Research By Marlies Bugmann
Paperback: $3.29
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2017 edition of both 'Karl May and Josiah Gregg' and 'The Story of Old Shatterhand's 'Magic' Rifle' amalgamated in one volume, re-formatted with very light adjustments as a consequence of the... More > amalgamation of the texts. Partly German language where required for comparisons between May's and Gregg's texts.< Less
Old Shatterhand and Friends Karl May Art 2004 - 2014 By Marlies Bugmann
Paperback: $11.22
Prints in 3-5 business days
Full Colour. A pictorial journey through thirteen years of translating Karl May's novels of the Wild West, and the artistic rendering of his heroes. Each piece of art in this picture book belongs to... More > one of my Karl May translations, and each picture has a story to tell. 2004 to 2014. Celebrating the milestone with a special expose on my cover art and illustrations for Karl May's novels; includes the revitalization of some of Karl May's own artistic costume photos. Note: All interior pages are of landscape orientation.< Less