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The Last Yrim By E.B. Eaklor
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Living in the far reaches of the Galactic Confederation, Dorri Verchota felt that her life couldn't be any more dull. There was little chance she would ever leave her home world, and she was resigned... More > to the fact that her future would be quite ordinary - and monotonous. That all changed when a tragic event took her mother from her, sending Dorri into profound danger. It has been over a century since the Mutant War, but now the Mutants - banished to another dimension by the ancient Yrim race - have found a way to return. Only the Yrim hold the secret to the dimensional threshold. But the Yrim have all vanished. Quiatan, leader of the Mutant invasion, realizes that Dorri poses a serious threat to their plans, and wants her found and captured at any cost. Drawn into this new conflict, Dorri learns a profound fact about her past, one that will affect not only her future, but also the future of the Confederation. She must ultimately confront Quiatan, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance.< Less
The Beckoning Sky By E.B. Eaklor
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Book Three of the Adventures of Adam Scott. The Shield protecting the hidden island of the Elves has been restored, their ancient history rediscovered, and order has returned to the land. Then a... More > disturbing and unexpected event occurs. And ancient enemy has sent a message proclaiming an offer of peace. But can they be believed? Sending a response would mean exposing their magically-shielded land to the world of humans. Which, then, is the greater risk? Attack from an ancient foe, or chancing invasion of their land by humanity?< Less
A Future Shared By E.B. Eaklor
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Book Four of The Adventures of Adam Scott: It has been twenty years since the island of Erydain was revealed, and its inhabitants defeated the invading Ra'anni. Humanity and the elves have maintained... More > a relatively peaceful coexistence since then. But there are some humans who are eager to obtain more of the elves' advanced technology - and are willing to use desperate measures to do so. When a group of these scientists takes control of the Source, it puts both races in danger, and directly threatens Adam Scott's daughter. Worse, there is another threat among the elves - and they are not even aware of it< Less
A Land Revealed By E.B. Eaklor
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The sequel to UPON AN ALIEN SHORE: For centuries, the mysterious and magical land that Adam Scott now called home had remained hidden, shielded from the outside world by powerful magic. Now, the... More > unexpected arrival of two more humans has led to a disturbing conclusion: the magical shield is failing. As Adam and his companions set out to find the cause, they are joined by his fellow human Lin Choe, a reluctant participant in their quest. Meanwhile, Tasha Roberts, still amazed at finding herself in this improbable circumstance, is drawn into a quest of her own - for survival. And if Adam and his friends cannot find a way to correct whatever has caused the shield's failure, the very survival of the land is at stake.< Less
Stolen Youth By E.B. Eaklor
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The Eremi Empire has existed for centuries, establishing itself on many worlds. The ruling nobility are now nearing the end of their lives. But the Emperor, in order to preserve their wisdom, has... More > decreed that the ancient and mysterious process known as the Renewal be reinstated. When Lukas nai Gilrun, a minor noble from an honorable house, learns what the Renewal truly is, he sets out to expose the truth and have the practice abolished. The Elders of the Empire have far too much at stake to risk such a thing, and Lukas becomes a fugitive, charged with a crime he did not commit. He is forced to go into hiding until he can clear his name and spread the truth of the Renewal. But with the Elders and the Emperor himself seeking him, Lukas must find a way to save not only his own life, but the lives of all those threatened by the Renewal.< Less
Legacy Of Dragonfire By E.B. Eaklor
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The Dragons are gone. Banished to a dimensional nether-realm where they can no longer rule over mankind. As a world accustomed to the rule of the Dragon Lords falls into chaos, Dane Preston and his... More > companions must try to restore order. The ruling Mages of the Clave wish to retain their position of power, even without the Dragon Lords presence. In addition, the mystical sword known as the Key has been stolen, and both Dane and the Clave are desperate to find it, for it is the only way to open or close the realm of the Dragons' exile. Dane knows he must find it first, for the Clave would certainly wish to free the Dragon Lords. But if he cannot help a broken society find its way once more, it will destroy itself as surely as would the Dragons' return. Facing two daunting tasks, and little time for either, will he be able to keep the world he fought so hard to save from destroying itself?< Less
Draconis Rex By E.B. Eaklor
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Thirty years have passed since Leonard Preston inadvertently opened a dimensional doorway and unleashed Dragons upon the world. Mankind has lived under their oppressive rule ever since, without hope... More > of release. But now Leonard's son Dane has uncovered an astonishing secret, one which may ultimately free mankind from the tyrannical rule of the Dragon Lords and their minions, the Clave. However, time is running out, and the Dragons will do anything to stop Dane Preston from accomplishing his goal.< Less
Edon's Destiny By E.B. Eaklor
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The Guardians of Edon have returned, but the Dragons face many new challenges. Much has happened during their forced hibernation. The Mages of the Alva’himar have taken control of the... More > Palace, giving them the ideal location from which to cast their dangerous spell. They have also placed a mystical shield around it, in order to keep the Guardians out. Sorceress Keyla and many other sisters of the Na’Himara have fled to the Hall of Champions, where they are working with the Black Knights on a plan to retake the Palace. Sir Randey and his companions must overcome many obstacles in order to retrieve a valuable artifact and return with it in time to prevent the powerful spell from being cast. If the Mages succeed, all life upon Edon is threatened. Even the Dragons do not know if it can be prevented, despite their great power. If they and the others fail, Edon’s destiny will be one of death and destruction . . .< Less
Dark Magic Rising By E.B. Eaklor & Linn Eaton
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Dark Magic is on the rise throughout Edon. The Guardians, the Dragon protectors of the realm, have been forced into a regenerative hibernation, unable to act. The Alva’himar, wielders of Dark... More > Magic, have taken control of the Citadel; Conservatory of the Na’Himara, the Sorceresses of the realm. They also threaten the Palace, from where they intend to cast a powerful spell that endangers all life on Edon. Randy Edal, a Knight of the Grenyaar, is traveling in the harsh Northern mountains in search of an ancient artifact that can help to stop the Alva’himar. Keyla Soril, a young and powerful Sorceress of the Na’Himara, is helping to gather forces to retake the Citadel and protect the Palace. But without the aid of the Guardians, how can the defenders of Edon hope to prevail, and keep Dark Magic from bringing about disaster?< Less
Upon An Alien Shore By E.B. Eaklor
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HARDCOVER EDITION - Adam Scott was an average college student with average dreams, living an average life. All of that changed when he met a pair of stranded visitors from a distant, undiscovered... More > land, where magic is real and Sorcerers are masters of it. When Adam's new-found friends discover an outcast of their own kind living among the humans and plotting to return to their land with an eye toward vengeance, the three of them must find a way to thwart the Sorcerer's plans, and to return the stranded pair to their home. Later, having temporarily halted the Sorcerer's scheme, and seeing his stranded friends on their way home, Adam unexpectedly finds himself transported to their mysterious homeland, and facing a final confrontation with the exiled Sorcerer - in a land where humans are feared and unwelcome.< Less