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Creative Management and Time Sharing By John Holland-Laurentius
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I wish to demonstrate the ideas that we live on various “geo-plates” and that these interlink to form our behaviour patterns for good and ill according to how we read our own harmony in... More > and around us. First we have to understand energy and how we can identify this in our lives. I wish to show that social values have to be in harmony with nature but we have to realise that if a person is left to his or her own devices, nature will still rule the way. In nature there are different plates with mirror images whose focus we have to change to survive. We have to be careful of the difference between high and mighty social rules and those dispensed by nature..... Time Sharing introduces the idea that we should insert real Time and Energy factors into our economics on a natural level so we do not overreach ourselves in our natural habitat but rather should ensure that everything be given a value which is real to the environmental use and life cycles...< Less
The Sacred Symbols By John E. Holland-Laurentius
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A new pdf edition 2018 exists now... Shop at: and The base of this book is a Codex based on Astrology. In fact one could describe it as that... More > Da Vinci Code ... it is something we all have a part of although maybe intuitively. Form and symbols and perception work direct on our sense perception and this can be increased and understood because it is not just inside us but also in those very places and spaces around us that make us feel welcome or we wish to run. The question is how to turn on this mechanism ... here is a small start... The CD "Intelligent Space" music goes with this book...< Less
Intelligent Space- Poems + Graphic Art 1996 to 2004 By John Holland-Laurentius
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Intelligent Space. Space is intelligent, Intelligent Space, Particles on the move Us on the move, Physical, Mental. Look at our world, The layers of space, What’s back onto what, - not in my... More > backyard, - Oh please, I have to have it. Be with these spaces, Give them no meaning, Where do we belong? Where do you wish? The space to change. “Refined nature” – pure to find the inner hologram, “Devious nature” – playing to prove the point, “Chaotic nature” – catching up on lost time. What is your pure value? What is your point? What time have you really lost? Come with us, an adventure in sound, To find those puzzles The key, like Alice always finds, - a level change needed. Go with Nature, what a ride.< Less
The Sacred Symbols of Conscious Life and Existence By John Holland-Laurentius
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The aim is to describe and then find the symbols and their values in and outside of us as Prime Existence, as their likeness to Quantum Physics where spiritual experience + cultural symbols find... More > ceremonial rights starting to play foundations + so important roles to hold nature's rules together lying in different sciences whose boundaries are in us. These are our images as also psychic vibrations and sounds which hold “Universal and Developmental” experiences as key reactive ways of living partly there as a magic of our lives. These base rhythms and emotional effects of music he reveals on CD’s…. these works including books/pdf’s goes further than most explanations as a deeper experience both for social and scientific groups. The author has worked together with scientists and healers helping to further this work. It has developed into thousands of pages appearing to be fundamental explanations. Over 10 books are in listings Please enjoy them….. SHOP at:< Less
Each Book's Description, CD's and MP3's. By John Holland
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These are descriptions of Books, Music, MP's that are purchasable in Lulu or direct by me which describe and allow you to experience a world where there is a base that is existential but shows you a... More > way to find your creative and sharing as a self aware person just for yourself. There are Workshops for everyone in Creative Management and Sensitivity. Books 6 to 9 are in fact theme based descriptions that work into real science but seen from a real modelling that is noramlly blocked, even for the scientist. Book 10 which is still in 2 Parts is a reduced description with exercises and roleplaying of Book 2 + 3... Further information is also in the German and English languages in See also You Tude Channel: ... SHOP all my books at:< Less
The Sacred Symbols By John E Holland-Laurentius
eBook (PDF): $14.67
Please note that a revised 2018 exists found under and on THE INNER SOUND... This work into the reason for existence and its symbols was started in the late... More > 70's after coming into contact with the Gnostic Gospels. Later with the use of Astrology and yoga principals it was possible to find the sacred symbols and senses in large sacred buildings. Eventually it was realised that this was a "Da Vinci " Codex joining East and West. This book is only a start and next will be offered other books, CD's, Poems and Art... Book sample reading: www theinnersound de< Less
Poems Meditation to Giving of the Son 12 Vols By john holland
eBook (PDF): $19.73
These 12 Volumes of Poems were composed over many years and were found to contain a conscious self development... Maybe you try this path just as you might follow the Jacobs Way to a sacred place but... More > in this form at the ground base of the mind. Later I wrote a self development course called "Sensitivity"... also available through my website. ... welcome to the way. Please also try this way together with the book "The Golden Thread" ... the fireside reading of "sensitivity".. SHOP all books:< Less
The Golden Thread Part i Stillness By John E. Holland
eBook (PDF): $13.54
Golden Thread Pt i Stillness follows from my course "Sensitivity" which was very successful when I had my Natural Med Practice in the 1980's. It opens up those areas that have niggling... More > questions about how we should feel about life. It is based on working with clients on their emotional questions as well as their actual illnesses often based on their "Energy medical" well being. As often shown our base is formed in a field of "Quantum" rules which do other things than expected.. it is there but not there ... we can stabilise this by realising how even "Space" and particularly "Sacred Space" holds a form of intelligence whether that is our bodies, our senses or our churches and sacred buildings channelling the cosmical energies into our reality. We should learn how to use "spaces" in and around us. Further books are in SHOP:< Less
Creative management + Time Sharing By John E. Holland
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Creative Management + Time Sharing can help you to read into the deeper aspects of your life and existence as well as for teachers and teaching (This edition is editing for this purpose, 2009).... More > Sharing and Creative but what are the questions ... this books helps you to focus on where you might find the answers and get rid of anxieties. Time Sharing starts the process where we should go to to check the values we should put and get out of life ... this is not easy in the fact so much of our financial world is in rags and tatters. We should look deeper and find those roots not just in time but how time is put together.. keep reading... it is either a course with others or you can do it just on your own ... SHOP with all lulu books under: ... the complete list is under homepage< Less
The Golden Thread Part ii Movement By John E. Holland
eBook (PDF): $26.09
We should be aware what moves us. The Book "Initiation", which this parallels was about getting to know many different aspects of existence and know what moves us. We are involved with the... More > tools of existence and we should learn how to make life ours or at least make a balance between what is wishes to be and how to be careful of the chaos of development or the straight jacket of the Universal. See that the very spaces we inhabit influence us because they themselves hold key beliefs and vibrations which make us move often subconsciously. Often we receive these in our imagination and use them as our goals but they disappear so we should look to see if they are ours, or are they just cosmic illusion we can label as art and culture of our time... SHOP books at:< Less