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the millionaire rig veda By timothy james brearton
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The Millionaire Max Andalus is dead, and he's left behind a fortune to a mysterious homeless man called Rig Veda. In this twisting, thrilling novella, it's up to Max's friends - the retired... More > probation officer Melvin Cooper and the firecracker Ginny Staithe - to figure out why. Collier County, Florida teems with the homeless. Who is Rig Veda, and why has the late Max Andalus chosen him for an heir? As Melvin and Ginny get to know Rig, they soon find out that there are others interested in the homeless man, too. Soon, Rig Veda is kidnapped, and it's up to the aging Melvin, with his eight year-old daughter in tow, to get him back. The chase takes Melvin all the way to the Adirondack Mountains, to a house Max Andalus used to own, and draws to a conclusion that Melvin would have never expected, where he has to make a choice that will forever change his life.< Less
rehabilitation By timothy james brearton
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Everything Jack Aiello does is for himself. A ‘smash mouth’ from Brooklyn, Jack is addicted, aimless, obsessed with women and drink. That is until the notorious Brandis brothers send him... More > on a job to locate the criminal brothers’ only nephew who has disappeared somewhere around Burlington, Vermont. He sees the job as a chance to sober up and start over. But just as Jack begins to get a taste of the good life he’s been craving, he also begins to realize that he can never have it. Mad biochemists, government conspiracies, double agents, and religious crusaders await Jack as he falls deeper into the rabbit hole in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom. From self-absorbed alcoholic to gun-wielding sleuth, Jack finally becomes what we all must, eventually, should we want to achieve our highest self: a man willing to die for that which is most precious to him. (Copy by Geoffrey Pierce)< Less