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Thomas Palfy's Travels, Photographs and More...
Australian Adventures (bw edition) By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $10.73
Desription of tours to all major Cities of Australia, and to the mountains, beaches and National Parks of this fascinating Continent. With many photographs.
Budapesti képeslapok By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $5.99
(1 Ratings)
The Hungarian version of Postcards from Budapest. A könyv feltárja az olvasó előtt a magyar főváros látványosságait, fényképek... More > sorozatában mutatja be az épületeket, hidakat, a Dunapartot, a budai hegyeket, szobrokat és embereket. A szerző jól ismeri ezt a várost - itt élt fiatalkorában. Később többször is visszatért - tapasztalni és fényképezni!< Less
The funny side of lung cancer By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $5.20
Thomas Palfy, writer-photographer, creator of several Australian travel-photo books contracted lung cancer. He decided not to despair but to create a funny book to encourage people not to give up... More > when facing adversity in life. This is an outrageous and witty account of his time spent in hospital, spiced with descriptions of episodes from his life. The reader will also learn about many of his observations and insights affecting our everyday life. Also in the process the author debunks some of our modern day myths.< Less
The West of the West By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $3.50
The author and his wife went on a discovery tour of the picturesque West Coast of Western Australia and to the Kimberley region. They share their experiences with the reader in the form of travel... More > diary and many colour photographs. A must for travellers and would-be travellers. 44 pages, approx. 17cm x 26 cm soft cover edition.< Less
Images of Australia By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $4.50
(1 Ratings)
Photographs of Australia's cities and landscapes and of its exotic animals and plants. 48 pages, A4 size - available as download or hard copy (paperback edition). It is a companion book to... More > "Australian adventures", also by Thomas Palfy.< Less
Postcards from Melbourne By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $5.99
(1 Ratings)
Thomas Palfy's latest book, the second in the Postcards from... series, takes us to Melbourne, Australia, the home town of the author. A selection of photographs is presented of the City buildings,... More > old and new, from the river Yarra, the beachfront and the forests of the Dandenong Ranges. It is of interest to visitors and residents alike.< Less
Australia Illustrated: The Eastern States By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $4.00
(1 Ratings)
Australia Illustrated - the Eastern States is a great collection of photographs taken by the author while touring with his wife in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania. The pictures and... More > the commentary serve as an essential guide to the traveller or would-be traveller to the Eastern part of the fifth continent, so rich in tourist attractions. This publication is a follow-up to the author's photo travel books on Western Australia (The West of the West) and South Australia, the Red Centre and the Top End (The Hub of Australia and Beyond).< Less
Australian adventures By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $4.00
This work is a description of many visits to the cities, towns, forests, mountains, beaches and National Parks of Australia and of encounters with its people. It is recommended for everyone... More > interested in travel or wish to know more about this fascinating continent; to armchair travellers and to those planning to see it all for themselves. With many colour illustrations.< Less
Levelek kedves barátnémhoz By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $5.99
(1 Ratings)
A Hungarian language account of the life and adventures of a player of the Honfoglaló (Conquiztador) internet game presented as ten letters to one of his friends through the game. Egy... More > Ausztráliában élő Honfoglaló játékos élete és kalandjai, kedves barátnéjához címzett tíz levélben elbeszélve.< Less
Szembenevetek a tüdőrákkal By Thomas Palfy
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Hungarian version of The funny side of lung cancer. Pálfy Tamás, jónéhány ausztráliai illusztrált utikönyv szerzője,... More > tüdőrákot kapott. A kórházban elhatározta, hogy önsajnálat helyett ír egy mulatságos könyvet. Szembenevetek a tüdőrákkal egyszerre mulatságos és szomorú, hirdeti a derűs életszemléletet és azt, hogy lelkierőre van szükségünk, hogy úrrá legyünk a nehézségeken. A remény és bizalom a gyógyulásban éppenolyan fontosak a felépüléshez, mint a gyógyszerek.< Less