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The Chronicle of Saint Antony of Padua By Father H. J. Coleridge S.J.
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Saint Antony has won the hearts of millions of Catholics the world over : we love him for his goodness, his miracles, his devotion to the Christ-Child, but above all his readiness to answer all our... More > prayers even for our humble temporal needs, and famously for helping us find things we have lost. But how much do we know about him ? Father Coleridge’s life of Saint Antony of Padua is highly readable and historically reliable. Based on the ancient Franciscan chronicles it recounts Saint Antony’s miracles with devotion and without scepticism. It will help every reader come to know better the wonder-worker whose statue or image is found in every church and so many homes.< Less
Beatification and Canonization By Rev. F.W. Faber
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Father Faber’s classic Essay on Beatification, Canonization and the Processes of the Congregation of Rites summarizes, in a concise, stimulating read, the entire contents of scholar-pope... More > Benedict XIV’s multi-volume compendium on the same subject. In these pages the reader will learn more about the saints, about what sainthood is, and about the processes by which the Church judges it, than in any other book in the English language. It has the added merit that Faber, who is widely regarded as a candidate for canonization himself, approaches the saints with infectious enthusiasm and ardour.< Less
Bobby in Movieland By Francis Finn
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Father Francis Finn’s thrilling and popular books for Catholic schoolboys need no introduction. According to the American Catholic Who’s Who, Father Finn is “universally... More > acknowledged as the foremost Catholic writer of fiction for young people.” His twenty-seven books have been translated into ten languages. The young reader will insensibly drink in edification, piety, honour and the spirit of hard work along with his entertainment. Boys who read Father Finn’s books turn into fine Catholic men. This one tells the adventures of young Bobby Vernon in the early days of Hollywood.< Less
The Adventures of Owen Evans By Rev. W.H. Anderdon
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A rattling good novel: “the Catholic Crusoe”! Unbeknown to his more decent crewmen, the captain of the schooner has decided to turn pirate. He and his accomplices decide to unburden... More > themselves of those deemed unlikely to join them in a life of crime. Thus five lukewarm Protestants and a Spanish priest are marooned in 1739 on a Caribbean island. The castaways spend four adventurous years together, in which excitement of every sort alternates with their instruction in the Faith. When they are rescued, there are no more Protestants on the island, and it is doubtful whether any Protestant who takes up this book will resist the kindness and persuasive apologetics of friar Don Manuel. Fr. Anderdon, who was nephew and secretary to Cardinal Manning, is a talented and learned writer. The ship’s surgeon, Owen Evans, recounts the events in a way that will thrill every reader and impart instruction and edification without straining the reader’s goodwill.< Less
"Dios no muere!" the life of Gabriel Garcia Moreno By The Hon. Mrs Maxwell-Scott
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One of the greatest Catholics of the nineteenth century; one of the greatest stories in history. Gabriel García Moreno, in a century of revolution, liberalism and unbelief, demonstrated to an ... More > incredulous world that the politics of Christ the King furnish the infallible solution to every social evil. Born in Ecuador in 1821, García Moreno twice served as president of his fatherland. In the face of the furious opposition of the Freemasons, revolutionaries, socialists, liberals, criminals and parasites, he lifted Ecuador from poverty, corruption, vice, civil war and misery of every sort to a state of order, peace and prosperity by means of: 1. a Catholic constitution, in conformity with the doctrine of the Catholic state; 2. Catholic schools; 3. the severe and even-handed punishment of all evildoers; 4. personal courage, diligence and holiness of the highest order. García Moreno crowned his career by dying a martyr’s death, exclaiming “Dios no muere!” God does not die.< Less
My Water Cure By Mgr Sebastian Kneipp
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Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) was one of the most celebrated healers of the nineteenth century. Europe seemed to pour into his country parish to be treated. For Kneipp, sickness is due... More > to a weakened constitution and cure depends on strengthening the system until its self-healing powers overcome whatever is sapping its vitality. To restore bodily strength to the sick he had recourse to the tonic effects of cold water. Kneipp denounced the weakness of an effete generation. He healed using water and traditional herbal medicine. Many doctors flocked to learn from him, astounded to see patients they had given up for lost restored to vibrant health by such simple methods. In 1894 Kneipp found himself called upon to treat Pope Leo XIII, who—faithful to Kneipp’s medical advice—was to govern the Church until the age of 93. The humble pastor returned home a Privy Chamberlain. This is the most famous of his books and summarises all his wisdom concerning sickness and health.< Less
Dion and the Sibyls By Miles Gerald KEON
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“The greatest historical novel ever written.” There is no other way to describe Miles Gerald Keon’s 1866 classic. If Quo Vadis, Ben Hur or Fabiola have brought you pleasure and... More > profit, Dion and the Sibyls will surpass them all. Set in Rome at the time of Christ, the plot brings together all the chief historical persons of the day in events which thrill, entertain and inform while never ceasing to be credible. Watch the valiant Paulus Æmilius, nephew of the triumvir, subdue the Sejan horse, save the gold of Germanicus Cæsar, triumph in battle, save his sister abducted by the tyrant Tiberius and fall hopelessly in love with the bewitching Israelite Esther whose faith forbids her to marry him. Listen to his friend Dionysius the Areopagite debating the existence of God and the immortality of the soul with the greatest minds of the court of Augustus. Be astonished at the prophecies of the mysterious and ageless Sibyl.< Less
Walking Like A Queen - Irish Impressions By G. K. Chesterton
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Everything Chesterton writes is filled with wit and wisdom—surely he was the twentieth century’s most perceptive writer. Here he sets out his thoughts about Catholic Ireland, following a... More > visit in 1918 in which he met all the leading Irish thinkers. Against the backdrop of the First World War, about which he cared passionately, and the struggle for the right of the Irish to govern their own island, in which he had always believed, he narrates his visit and sets down his reflections and his previsions. No one interested in Ireland or in England, in politics or in religion or in literature will read this book without renewed astonishment at the author’s unfailing insight into whatever he touches on. This annotated edition provides over 100 new footnotes helping modern readers to understand contemporary allusions.< Less
Tales of the Angels By Father F.W. Faber
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Father Faber's four immortal stories for children. When the saints write stories for children, Hans Anderson and the brothers Grimm are no longer in the running. These stories will appeal to every... More > Christian child, not just because they are filled with wonderful and mysterious events, but because the fairyland on which they open a window is not a world of fiction but the world of invisible reality that surrounds us : the world of Christ and His angels where the mystery of redemption is invisibly at work.< Less
Defence of the Seven Sacraments By King Henry VIII
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King Henry VIII is famous for having sundered England from the papacy in 1534. But in 1521 he was still fully Catholic and personally wrote this punchy theological treatise against the... More > "pestilential heresy" of Martin Luther. Before the death of his elder brother, Henry had been destined for the Church. He displays true learning and skilful debating in his defence of the seven sacraments and the Holy See. He poignantly champions the divine origin of the papacy and proves at length the indissolubity of the sacrament of matrimony which he was in later years to violate so often. It was this work which won for Henry the title of "Defender of the Faith", awarded by Pope Leo X, which still appears on British coins. This edition is a photographic reprint of high and easily readable quality.< Less