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Julie Sarah Powell
A Story of a Changed Life By Julie Sarah Powell
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In this refreshingly candid portrayal of her life, Julie Sarah Powell shows us that anyone who is determined to live their innate freedom is fully and completely capable to do so. Julie shares a... More > brief history of her childhood and explains how she met her teacher Elysha. She then goes on to describe how she had a revelation that moved her from the ‘oneness’/awakened state of self realization, into the no-self state. Julie speaks of the impact these changes had on her life and the relationships with those around her. She opens up to explain details of her relationship with Elysha and the group at True Nature Centre, and how she became a teacher within the Centre setting. Her story is blunt, truthful and gives hope and inspiration to those who are intent on unifying with their true purpose; to live as ‘one’ with life.< Less
A Simple Shortcut to Inner Peace & Joy: Living Your True Nature By Julie Sarah Powell
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This program and its accompanying audios are a life retraining system for you to actually be free, happy and all that you can be. It is also a practical manual that contains ground-breaking,... More > pattern-breaking and perspective-altering truth. This is the truth of you and the truth of living your ultimate purpose; living as ‘one’ with life. Within the pages of this life-training program you will find the results of many years of research, practice and experience. This closely aligns with the best parts that have been described in spiritual traditions throughout the ages, without any of the difficulty. This teaching has been thoroughly tested and it works. You will cut through to the very core of existence and you will see exactly what you need to do in order to live in complete freedom in every aspect of your life. Take it and run with it as fast as you can!< Less
Remember Who You Are By Elysha
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Remember Who You Are is an essential text for everyone who is interested in living from their heart. You don't need years of spiritual practice or training or any ‘enlightenment’... More > experiences to understand the simple but powerful message that is contained in this book. All that is required is an openness to remember the truth about the love and freedom that is your birthright. Elysha speaks directly from the heart in this gentle and helpful book about the simplicity of your true nature and how anyone, with intent, can remember the joy that lies within each and every one of us. Once you have read this book and have had your eyes opened to the beautiful truth of who you are, all it takes is your intent to live as this truth and your spiritual awakening is inevitable.< Less
Uncover Your Heart In Motion By Elysha
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If you are mentally and spiritually worn-out by not understanding why you are not living the inherent happiness you know is available to you, then Uncover Your Heart In Motion is a revelation. Elysha... More > first encourages you to look deeply into your behaviour and the recurring patterns in your life, to expose the endless deceptions of the chattering mind. He then asks you to see/feel what you are doing instead of being totally present, and shows you how you can be released into the fundamental happiness that is true of you. Elysha prompts you to go deeper into understanding how your life works, how personally identifying with the mind keeps you stuck in the pain and suffering that you currently experience. He enlightens you to the fact that it is this misidentification that prevents you from being the love that you already are. Through this you become open to the opportunity to remember your feeling heart; the true eternal seat of happiness that is already available to you.< Less