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Something Kind of Wonderful By Vincent Gilvarry
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A story of an unassuming young man who has two women in his life, the girl that he loves and his Lady Friend, a non-physical spirit from a non-physical realm. When she makes an appearance in his... More > life, Jasper's dream of a quiet life fades into oblivion when he embarks on a meteoric journey to fame and glory and becomes the youngest person in history to ever become a modern day Holy Man. Australian author Vincent Gilvarry serves up an enchanting blend of natural and supernatural delights, interwoven with sensual dreams, hidden treasures and a hauntingly beautiful belly dancer. As one satisfied reader has said…Something Kind of Wonderful is Simply Amazing.< Less
Thunder Boys By Vincent Gilvarry
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An evil from ancient times rears its ugly head, and the only solution is to reincarnate as a human being. The odds are against them every step of the way, but if they are to beat Morpheus at his own... More > game, they will have to use every trick in the book. Disposing of the enemy is not just a case of what you do but how you do it.< Less
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The Dark Riders have been abducting innocent children for centuries. As to why they want them, no one knows. Demetra, the Countess of Volspacia, has had enough. She makes a decree that is heard far... More > and wide, and her call is answered by a task force of Yumi Masters and warrior angels. To resolve this problem, they must venture deep into the domain known as the Ocean of Infinite Mystery.< Less
The Last Days of Lemuria : Destiny Calls By Vincent Gilvarry
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According to the Greek philosopher Plato, the legendary civilisation of Atlantis was destroyed by the hand of nature over 12,000 years ago. When the chronometer on their ship malfunctions, the crew... More > of an alien spaceship end up in Lemuria, a civilisation that existed on Earth over 50,000 years ago. Yumi Master, Addric Sharano and his friends must find and return the key to the Sanctuary of Fire before Lemuria is destroyed by a natural catastrophe. The life of a young boy rests in their hands. Time is not on their side. And they have no choice but to succeed.< Less
Instant Karma By Vincent Gilvarry
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A directive from the highest of all celestial realms has decreed that Planet Earth is about to be terminated. Yumi Master, Addric Sharano faces the biggest challenge of his life. If he cannot drag... More > the people of Earth back from the brink within a period of 90 days, the worst of all possible scenarios will be activated. Sit back and marvel as Addric reveals a few of his hidden talents. His solution to this problem is typically Addric, imaginative and brilliant. And the people of Planet Earth are about to find out that not all aliens have a bulbous head and big green eyes.< Less
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Addric discovers the secret of time travel, and unfortunately, his brother's girlfriend is the first casualty. Elisabeth ends up in the Roman arena. Her spirit abandons her body and her life hangs in... More > the balance. If they are to save Elisabeth at all they have to find her first. Accompanied by a few feisty friends, Addric and Dheago venture deep inside the Earth. And then brave the fires of hell on a volcanic planet whose destiny is intertwined with that of the Golden Phoenix. It will take something more than sharp claws and attitude to dispose of a necromancer with delusions of grandeur.< Less