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Megan & Flos: Beginnings By Violet Plum
Paperback: $10.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Megan is a rather ordinary pre-teen girl who, purely by chance, meets Flos, a rather ordinary Summum Esse. That is, she is ordinary compared to other Summum Esse. A Summum Esse is someone from the... More > planet Summum. On Earth, however, Flos is extremely EXTRAordinary and for that reason has to be very discreet. She knows instinctively, from the moment they meet, that she can trust Megan and very soon they become devoted friends who will do anything for each other. They are very clever; they are very determined; they are very compassionate. They are eco-warriors like no other. This is the first five episodes of their adventures together. Megan & Flos: Beginnings is a bright, colourful, imaginative, old-fashioned adventure comic. Suitable for readers aged 8 and up.< Less
Venus Aqueous: Beginnings By Violet Plum
Paperback: $8.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
Venus Acton is a champion swimmer. She's captain of the school swim team and enjoys competing with other schools, but what she loves most of all is swimming in the sea. After an unexpected event... More > leaves her with a supernatural power, she uses her new ability to respond to the animals who call for her help. Venus Aqueous: Beginnings contains the first four episodes of the popular comic from Violet's Vegan Comics. Suitable for readers aged 8 and up.< Less
HUMANS ARE NOT OMNIVORES! [poems your teacher might not like] By Violet Plum
Paperback: $3.14
Prints in 3-5 business days
A compilation of wacky, fun and irreverent poems inspired by the wonderful Spike Milligan's 'Silly Verse for kids'. Encouraging children to think for themselves and question everything, these funny... More > rhymes are just the thing for little individuals. Complete with messy black and white illustrations.< Less
Colour By Nutrients: A Plant-Based Colouring Book By August Bassett & Amy Fibbitts
Paperback: $5.12
Prints in 3-5 business days
A colouring book for children or adults, full of nutritious food, 'Colour By Nutrients' is at once a resource for artistic indulgence and an educational tool. Divided into chapters of different... More > vitamins and minerals, the book illustrates which foods contain significant amounts of each. The authors are happy for teachers and parents to photocopy the colouring pages for use in the classroom. All in all a delightful way to learn about nutrition.< Less
How Many Friends Could A Bibbolybob Make If A Bibbolybob Came To Earth? By Edward Benn & Juliet Mahoney
Paperback: $13.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
Wibbolywub is a Bibbolybob from planet Bobbolybib. He's come to Earth for the day to find out about the different types of Earthling and to make as many new friends as he can. You could help him... More > count them. This delightful early learning book introduces the numbers zero to ten and reveals some very interesting facts about Earthlings. It does so in the context of a lovely story of friendship between an alien being and the ten different animals he meets. Colourfully illustrated with watercolour paintings. Suitable for reading to pre-schoolers and for older children to read alone.< Less
Grandpa Wollemi's Birthday By Edward Benn & Cynthia Barnett
Paperback: $10.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Everyone is excited because it's Grandpa Wollemi's birthday but Cedro is a little worried. Kauri and Myrtle have spent days making special presents for Grandpa but Cedro isn't very good at arts and... More > crafts so he doesn't have anything to give. Luckily he realises just in time that he can make Grandpa a birthday cake. This story explains how he does it. A happy picture book, colourfully illustrated in naïve style, with simple vegan cake recipe included. Suitable for reading with little ones.< Less
The Princess Who Liked To Be Popular By Violet Plum
Paperback: $15.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
Princess Primrose loved to be loved so she always did her best to please everybody. Consequently, when her parents left her in charge of the kingdom for a while, she couldn't wait to give the people... More > everything they asked for so that they would love her even more. Unfortunately, things didn't work out exactly as she'd hoped. This old fashioned fairy tale, complete with colourful hand-painted illustrations, is an exciting page-turner with modern relevance. Suitable for children aged five to ten.< Less
Reflecto Girl: Beginnings By Violet Plum
Paperback: $7.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
Renee Gale was an ordinary girl when she inherited something from her grandma: an ancient Celtic mystical mirror. It had been passed down through the female line of her family for centuries. The... More > mirror, called a Dounto, has the power to reflect people's misdeeds back onto them. So if Renee holds it in front of someone, whatever they are doing or about to do to someone else will happen to them. With the Dounto Renee is Reflecto Girl, saving all sorts of animals from all sorts of dangers by giving their abusers a taste of their own medicine. These four stories tell how it all began for Reflecto Girl. This is just the beginning. Also, there's a fact file of interesting information about sea animals. Suitable for readers aged 8 to 88.< Less
The English Family Anderson By Violet Plum
Paperback: $7.67
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Andersons were once an ordinary family. Mr Anderson was a postman, Mrs Anderson grew fruit and vegetables in their garden, their dog Denzel had a comfortable bed and enjoyed a couple of walks a... More > day, and the children, Casey and Brietta, went to school. But after Mr Anderson broke the law to protect some innocent birds everything changed. They chose to abandon their ordinary lives and live a nomadic life in an old red bus. This is where we join them - living the dream in Old Red. The English Family Anderson is a colourful comic about a happy family who meet an angry ghost. From Violet's Vegan Comics. Suitable for readers aged 8 to 88.< Less
Little Chicken Classic - Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er By Violet Plum
Paperback: List Price: $7.67 $6.90 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Luke Walker is an eight year old boy with a mind of his own. He's noticed that life often isn't fair for animals and that his parents' and teachers' justifications for this don't make sense. Wanting... More > to right wrongs, he becomes a self-styled outlaw who will not play by the rules if the rules mean being unkind. He knows he's right but he also knows that, in order to do the right thing, he sometimes needs to be sneaky. This Little Chicken Classic compilation contains the first sixteen chapters of Luke Walker's adventures sticking up for animals. They are funny, exciting, and very entertaining. Great mischief, great adventures, great fun! Suitable for readers aged 8 to 108.< Less