Man Who Delivers 113-Page Marriage Proposal Gets One-Word Answer

World's Longest Marriage Proposal Becomes Surprise Valentine's Gift

February 14, 2006 (Raleigh, NC) -- Valentine's Day -- A man who asked his girlfriend to marry him by writing her a 113-page proposal and publishing it as a paperback book has received a one-word answer: "Yes."

Cameron Kelly delivered the unique proposal as a Valentine's gift to Angie Kreimer, along with breakfast-in-bed this morning, at their home in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Rather than simply kneeling, Kelly's proposal took the form of presenting his beloved with a book, titled 50 Reasons Why You Should Marry Me ... And 51 Reasons Why I Should Marry You.

Reasons that Kelly, 27, felt Kreimer, 28, should marry him included:

  • I clean the bathroom every week.
  • I'm going to look like Sean Connery when I'm 65.
  • You don't even have to change your initials!
  • Reasons, meanwhile, that Kreimer was meant for Kelly included:

  • I love the way you say "crayons."
  • I'm more in love with you now than ever.
  • "This must be the most romantic book ever published on Lulu," says Henry Hutton, a spokesman for Lulu (, the web site used to produce it.

    The book's cover shows a photograph of the couple on a recent ski trip. Inside are 101 pages of text and 44 color photographs. "It's a sort of prose- poem, with pictures," says Kelly.

    Kelly and Kreimer are not a traditional engaged young couple -- they already live together and share an adored two-year old daughter. They now plan to wed in the fall.

    Kelly works in internal communications for the Royal Bank of Canada, while Angie looks after their daughter and several other local children.

    "We already knew we were committed to each other," says Kelly. "And we'd even talked before about engagement. But I was looking for a way to make it formal by doing something special, which also showed Angie the way I felt about her."

    For those seeking romantic inspiration, the result is even for sale on Lulu ( The printed book costs $21.95, while an ebook version can be downloaded free.

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