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Linguistic Competences in English

PorPaloma Gonzalez

This book has been designed: 1)To give an overall view of what linguistic competences involve in English. 2)To provide enough and clarifying content for English teachers preparing for the Spanish Competitive Exam to draft their own personalised TEMA. The issues covered in this book are part of the current TEMARIO, specifically topics 7-11/1993 list. 3)To give candidates further ideas to consider when analysing a text: questions on word formation, lexical creativity, meaning, grammar, semantic and grammatical structures, phonemics, homonymy, graphemics, etc., which are frequent in the exam. 4)To suggest some ideas or reflections on how to teach aspects concerning lexis, grammar, semantics, sounds, intonation patterns and writing. 5)Finally, to help English language students at university level or anybody else who wishes to have an overall view of the English lexicon, its grammatical and semantic structures, its phonological and orthographic system, and how to read some common symbols such as @, aka, etc.


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Sep 20, 2013
Educación e idioma
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