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The Chatelaine of Mallaig Castle

ParDiane LacombeKerry Ellis

Scotland, 1424. Gunelle Keith, the intelligent, well-educated daughter of a Lowland merchant is given in marriage to Iain MacNeil, the uncouth and wild Lord of Mallaig in the Highlands. However, this union, designed more to bring together two coats of arms, proves disastrous for the nineteen-year-old. Thrust into the wilds of the Highlands, into a family where no one seems to understand and where she feels utterly helpless. Gunelle will face new challenges.  In the space of a year, she will have to learn a new language, deal with her new husband's lack of interest and live through various wars between the clans. By nature, a dutiful woman, will she succeed in changing the values of her in-laws and gaining the respect of her Husband? Gunelle learns to defend herself and fight for her place in Scottish society but must confront numerous family conflicts and her husband's secrets. The Chatelaine of Mallaig castle is a captivating novel that immerses us in the world of the Scottish Highlands, a place where intrigues, passions and power struggles are commonplace. It shows how a woman can overcome obstacles and assert herself in a traditional society. Having first been circulated among family and friends, "la Châtelaine de Mallai" was published for the general public in march 2002. The novel was an immediate success and sold over 300 000 copies worldwide. Translations into Czech, German and Spanish followed. This is the first English version of the book.


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Feb 26, 2023
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Par (auteur): Diane Lacombe, Illustré par: Kerry Ellis, Traduction par: Brenda Logue, Corrigé par: Ana Joldes, Édité par: Jean-Baptiste Lacombe Lavigne



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