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The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan

ParPhilippe Huysveld

This book is targeted at business executives of companies: - Approaching the Japanese Market, - Reviewing their options in terms of Japan Entry Strategy, - Already exporting to Japan (Indirect Sales) or, - Already established and doing business in Japan (Direct Sales). As a Survival Guide for doing Business in Japan, it aims at providing the reader with an overview of the many issues or obstacles to be taken into account when approaching or interacting with the Japanese Market. The various aspects will be presented under three angles: Part I: Cross-cultural Management, Part II: Sales & Marketing Strategies, Part III: Entry Strategies. In this book, we show: • That the Japanese Market is a great market to approach and that, provided the right methodology and marketing mix, there are great opportunities to seize in the long-term for foreign companies. • That it is necessary to get familiar with cross-cultural differences and to understand better your Japanese clients, their country, their culture and their business system. • How to market your products or services in Japan (B2C and B2B Marketing Guidelines). • Which Entry Strategies are available to foreign companies to choose from and guidelines for selection.


Date de publication
Aug 24, 2014
Commerce & économie
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Par (auteur): Philippe Huysveld



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