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Gona Low Now

DiBuddhaBarbie Corporation

Across the magnitude of the greatness of the universe in which we float, billions of things happen in a second, we are a being capable of great things whether good or bad and we have the privilege of being able to express our opinions and present our arguments in broad daylight, exchange with people who are willing and who are on the same frequency as you. THIS project is the result of my success in a stage which was pre-intended for me, a feeling, an energy and the small voice of my unconscious whispered to me a destination where young people could now express themselves without any insecurity and judgment coming from others BuddhaBarbieCorporation. I decide to take the risk of revealing the privacy of my mind and I hope to allow you to modify your vision as you wish. This concept is based on the invisible universe that surrounds us and will be a springboard to discover that you are now no longer all alone people, rediscover the stories hidden for too long between the enamel of an oppressive system and murderers that no one wants to to fight because of the lack of coherence and violent regrouping which make only meter of oil on an already burning fire, to establish a poetic diagram on how to regain consciousness and confidence on using our cerebral matter wisely rather than to spoil the can time to reverse the social changes that keep dividing us that nature is calling for help and as the future of this world I now want to propagate this information in the maximum possible social ecosystem and reconnect with invisible links that unite us. Let's stay human, stay positive and fight influences together to create a generation that will change the word success.


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Jul 2, 2020
Scienze umanistiche
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