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South Korea

DiEnrico Bo

Di solito viene stampato in 3-5 giorni lavorativi
This book, besides recounting the emotions, stories, and impressions gathered by the author, aims to be a helpful guide for those interested in planning a trip to this country. Dedicated to exploring South Korea, a land of extraordinary interest, the book can be described as a travel-guide, as although it has the typical structure of tourist guides, containing many practical indications, addresses, tips, and evaluations of places that the reader will certainly find useful in following what still remains a travel itinerary, in reality, it represents a collection of emotions, visions, and stories, gathered like fragrant flowers along the roads of my travels, where I have always sought above all to learn things, to meet people, to satisfy curiosity, and above all to refute the many prejudices that all of us, myself included, carry with us when we set off on the roads of the world. The fundamental purpose, therefore, of bringing to the attention of those readers who will kindly allow themselves to be captivated by my somewhat overflowing desire to narrate, is also to enchant them with the place, the people who inhabit it, the things that are there, so that they too can, as happens to me, surrender to the fascination of going, forgetting if possible that maleficent date written on the ticket they carefully keep in their pocket, with the time and place where they will have to definitively abandon the path of thought, where they have been able to free their minds for a brief time letting them soar high, only to unfortunately but without options, return home. I hope that reading this travel-guide will help them to dream again, if only for a little while, and feel encouraged to directly experience a country still little known from a tourist point of view, which instead has a lot to tell starting from its millennia-old history, its artistic vestiges, its natural beauties but above all from the encounter with its people.


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Mar 2, 2024
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Di (autore): Enrico Bo


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A5 (148 x 210 mm)

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