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Jewish Background of the New Testament

DiGiuseppe Guarino

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Discoveries like the Dead Sea Scrolls made it clear that in order to better understand the New Testament, it is necessary to seriously consider the language and culture of those through whom it was written. The New Testament did not betray, but embraced and gave the world the riches of the Jewish religion. Its authors interpreted from their original language thoughts, sayings, accounts or even written documents. So deep was their Jewish background that when they could not find an equivalent for some Hebrew words or expressions, they thought well to keep them in their Greek autographs. This use has influenced the language of churches down to our days: Christians everywhere end their prayers with a Hebrew word: “Amen.” They shout to God: "Hallelujah." They call Jesus the "Messiah." The Jewish background of the New Testament is a fascinating and important topic to investigate. Giuseppe Guarino was born in Catania, Sicily. He loves the Bible and has dedicated the last twenty years to the study of its original languages. Among his books: The Majority Text of the Greek New Testament, Greek, The Original Language of the New Testament, New Testament Greek, The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Bible.


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Feb 9, 2023
Religione & Spiritualità
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Di (autore): Giuseppe Guarino


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