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Hi! My name is Marianna Iannaccone, and I'm an independent scholar. I have a bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures: Drama & Cinema, and a Master's Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures. In 2014, during a holiday in the south of France, I discovered the curious figure of John Florio, while reading, in a newspaper, an article about Shakespeare. Soon later, I decided to begin studying his interesting, adventurous life and his pioneering works. I travelled to London and began doing my own research into the subject with documents, manuscripts and letters, which brought me, five years later, to found his official website. What mostly drove me to begin this activity was to let people know the extraordinary life this Anglo-Italian man had, and the amazing contribution he gave to English language and literature. Since 2014, I've been invited to several events on John Florio, holding conferences, and giving interviews to raise awareness of the importance of his role as a key source for English Renaissance. I think John Florio has been unjustly overshadowed for many years, and his personality sadly and often distorted. But this is a time for ambitious, innovative works on John Florio, and I think I'm in a place to contribute that.