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दहेज कुप्रथा एक सामाजिक समस्या

Byडाॅ. सुषमा नयालडाॅ. कामना जैन

The conjugal custom of share is broadly spread. Share is the exchange of abundance has from the lady of the hour's side to the lucky man's side. It incorporates garments, machines, cars, property, gems, cash, furniture and so on. Customarily, there have been many explanations behind the foundation of this strategy. It was a kind of legacy for the lady, since all the family property was acquired by men. It should be the security for the lady in the event that any disaster occured for her significant other's home. It was likewise a means of regarding the man of the hour for his eagerness to acknowledge the lady as his better half in marriage, and the gifts given could go from anything important to even a little badge of good wishes. Nonetheless, the covetousness for endowment has impacted most standard families in India. This danger is the main driver of practically all savagery against a wedded lady. Much of the time after marriage the issue of settlement will emerge. In the event that the spouse isn't prepared to give all, which her significant other and parents in law interest, her life inside the man of the hour's home become hopeless. She will be dealt with remorselessly and at times she might lose her life.


Publication Date
Jul 17, 2022
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By (author): डाॅ. सुषमा नयाल, By (author): डाॅ. कामना जैन



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